15 Year Old Girl Friend Might Bed Pregnant By 18 Year Old

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kalendrosx - March 12

Yes my girlfriend just turned 15 and im 18 and there might be a possiability that she's pregnant. I love her so much and want to spend the rest of my life with her and she feels the same way. Both her parents consent and dont have a problem with me being with her. We plan on getting married soon. We both are so happy together. My question is if i plan on being there for her and the baby if shes pregnant and not leaving her and if we are able to get married can i get in trouble? Im not a s_xual predator or a rapist or a pedephile. Before this girl came along i would of never ever of went out with anyone close to her age. But i just fell in love with her and want to spend the rest of my life with her. Im just afraid of being put in jail because of her and my age. I'll go to jail for her because i love her but if shes pregnant i wont be able to be there for the babys birth or its first word or its first step. I dont want to miss that. And im afraid that because of her age the state may take her baby away if there isn't a father there to help take care of the baby. Is there anything i can do to keep from going to jail? I want to be there for her and the baby so bad. If anyone can help me please help.


freeflyingangel - March 12

Where i live the only way you can go to jail is if her parents press charges on you. i live in Canada so i really don't know what the states are like, i'm sure if the state was going to take her baby away her parents would d o something about it.. what state does she live in i can try to find more info for you if you like(by the way i also have an older bf and we have a baby together and the only way they can charge him is if they find my mother and my mother says so, but if your girlfriends parents are loving and understanding they wouldn't do a thing like that to their daughter. As is my dad has never met my bf but knows we have a kid together and he isn' tmad at all bc he is supportive and loving...(oh and i am 17 an he's 26))


kalendrosx - March 12

I live in Arkansas and im just scared to lose her and if shes pregnant im also afriad that ill lose the baby to. I know im to old for her but we both love each other and it was something we both wanted to do. Im not ready for a baby and i k now she not either but if she is i want to be there to help her through it and i want to be there for the baby. And i dont want to go to jail because people will just think im just another guy looking for some, and im not i love this girl and i want to be there with her for the rest of my life.


freeflyingangel - March 12

If her parents understand everything will be fine, all of your intentions are good. I don't kno wyou but you sound like a guy who is commited and willing to be there through thick and thin. I will see if i can find more out about your state, so just hang on, if you want to talk some more you can email me at justalilcrazy9 AT hotmail.com( no spaces) ok ~Courtney~


kalendrosx - March 12

I appreciate any help anyone can give. I've just been stressing out. I've been thinking of everything that could happen and everthing that could go wrong. It's just killing me inside not knowing whats going to happen.


freeflyingangel - March 12

OK.. In Arkansas law the term "Statutory Rape" is not used. A person commits s_xual a__sault in the fourth degree if the person: (1) Being twenty (20) years of age or older, engages in s_xual intercourse or deviate s_xual activity with another person who is: (A) Less than sixteen (16) years of age; and (B) Not the person's spouse; or (2) Engages in s_xual contact with another person who is: (A) Less than sixteen (16) years of age; and (B) Not the person's spouse. (b)(1) S_xual a__sault in the fourth degree under subdivision (a)(1) of this section is a Cla__s D felony


Grandpa Viv - March 12

First off, buy a home preg test at the Dollar Store and find out the facts. The web site I looked at listed a long set of age conditions, but I think with you 18 or older she would have to be under 15. I hope nobody wants to bring up the fact that she was still 14 when you started having s_x. Being less than 3 years age difference helps, but you are 3 years and a bit. Someone has to bring charges before you are in trouble. Child protection services could do that. Keep in the back of your mind the possibility that when she becomes old enough to know where she is at, you might not be the kind of person she wants to spend the rest of her life with. Good luck!


babyonboard16 - March 12

I live in Oklahoma, and you could go to jail here it depends ill look it up for ya?


babyonboard16 - March 12

The age of consent in Arkansas for a minor to consent to have s_x with an adult is 16 so unfortunately for you it is illegal. If the parents don't file charges, you could be present for the birth, but odds are if you try and get involved saynig you are the father you could get into some DEEP trouble.


MRN - March 12

babyonboard16 is correct. The age of consent in Arkansas is 16. What you did is legally statutory rape. The parents don't have to press charges for prosecution to occur. The state has the legal authority to prosecute despite the s_x being consensual. Think of it this way. You are not allowed to drink and drive. If you do drink and drive and you hit someone or cause some type of property damage the local authorities can charge and prosecute you for drunk driving even if the injured party doesn't wish to press any charges. In this case your 15 y.o. girlfriend is below the age of consent which means that you should not have had intercourse with her regardless of how you feel or what her parents say by doing so you have opened yourself up to the risk of prosecution but what is done is done. Let us know what happens.


kalendrosx - March 13

I know what i have done is wrong and if'/when the time comes i will take up the responsibility of my actions and pay the consequences. Even though i dont feel i have done anything morally wrong I do know i broke the law. And when/if i get in trouble i will not lie an trie and get out of it. I know that if i get a slap on the wrist they will have to give an actual rapist or a pedophile a slap on the wrist which is not what i want. Im not a bad person i just feel in love with someone who is too young and i made a decision and now i have to live with but im not going to leave her not now not ever unless her feeling change towards which i do know could happen because of her age but right now she want me to be there for her and i will be there as long as i am able. I will take responsibility for actions when/if the time comes not only because im a good person but also because its the right thing to do. I love her so much and dont want to be away from her. Please everyone try and understand and not judge me for what you see but judge me for the person that i am.


britt_m - March 13

I'm not judging, things do happen. I honestly hope she is not, that is just so much to cope with at that age. You sound like you have your head on straight, I suggest if you really care and love her you refrain from s_x or at least get her on the pill and use condoms, if she's not pregnant. The world is just starting to open some doors for you both, a precious baby deserves the best life that it can possibly have. If she's not pregnant, I hope this scare helped you both realize how your life can turn upside down in an instant, please use protection. If you are as smart as you sound, in some years from now, which will fly by, you'll have your stuff together and in order. A home, steady jobs, money in the savings, hopefully a wonderful wife, and you'll have attained some goals, that would be an ideal time to aim for starting a family. Not now, good luck I hope all turns out well.


momat17 - March 13

yah. um im in iowa, my friend was 14 & her babys dad was 22. big age difference wouldnt ya say? he didnt say the baby was his & he did get to sign the birth certificate so he has no rights to the child. leagal age for s_x here is 16 as long as its with someone thats only 2-3 years older. if they are older then 19 you cant & if u do they could face up to 2 years in prision, not jail. & if ur 18 you can have s_x with somone of any age, follow that law as long as they are at least 16 years old. :( so i dont know. he would have faced up to 2 years in prision for every year they were diffrent in. so that could be a long time u usally only serve 1/8-1/4 of ur sentence be4 u get parole ne ways but iowa prisions are full so people arent really going to prision here inless its a terrible crime. as long as her parents have okay'd the s_xual contact your fine & if not your in trouble


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 13

Where I'm from it is 16 as well, and you would be considered a s_x offender even if it was consensual and yours or her parents wouldn't even have to press charges.


Grandpa Viv - March 13

Google Arkansas Code 5-14-110 S_xual Indecency with a Child. If at any time you had s_xual contact with her before her 15th birthday and you are more than 3 years older than she, you committed a cla__s D Felony. I don't know where the other folks are getting their age 16 information except perhaps a table that lists a single age for each state.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 13

Well actually 16 is the legal age here...I know where I am getting it and I know moreso then most because I do work for the court system and I know the codes relating to such issues. At 16 she is able to sleep with anyone under 21...after 21 then he would be considered a s_xualloffender. . But since she was 15 then it would be illegal and a pa__ser by can report it and he would get in trouble even though it was consensual and the parents agreed to it as well. Also where I am from she couldn't marry you until she was 16 and the parents signed her off. But he is and can be charged if anyone was to report the two because she isn't considered an adult yet. And when I say adult I mean able to have s_xual relations with anyone, not mature and responsible and can handle their own kind of an adult. But s_xual maturity yes. (not that all teens are even responsible about s_x anyways but still) so I very well know that here he would be charged and convicted is anyone was to report it. And that if he had relations with her before her 16th birthday then it is wrong.


Mendi - March 14

Ok, where do I begin. This peaked my interest because I'm studying law. I looked up some information on findlaw.com and arkansas codes web site. I found non-legal site that said the legal age for consent is 16 in Arkansas. Statutory rape is a criminal offense, and I hope you were not having s_x with her at the age of 14. According to Arkansas, this is considered an age of someone who is incapable of consenting. You need to read the site of your state's law about what cla__s felony this could be, and about s_xual offender information. This is according to the arkansas code website. If I were you, I'd stop posting on here, (you can be linked and found) get her a pregnancy test, and wish for the best. Do not take legal advice on here, no one but an attorney can legally tell you what is legal or unlegal.



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