16 1 2 I Just Know Im Pregnant Help Please

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Bumble-bee - February 13

I screwed up with my birth control a while ago. uhm about a month or so ago lets say. last week I went back onto my sugar pills I got a .. "period" but when i think about it, it was alot lighter than usual. and now I am two or three days onto my regular pack again. And Im still having really light brown discharge. I have been REALLY emotional With nausea (and vomiting), Headaches, acid reflux etc .. just everything but sore breats I guess. I dont know but I am so sure I am not imagining things. Thing is I dont know how to go abouts taking a test... Its embarassing to buy a test ..and kind of expensive.. I would rather not go to a clinic because this is something I want to find out alone. 'N i dont wanna or should I even bother because I got a period...


lovestruckjsw - February 13

Dollar Tree tests are just as good as the expensive First Response. They detect the same amount of HCG and are just as accurate. Pick one or two up either there or at a Dollar General, and then take the test. That is the only way you're going to know and be able to put your mind at ease. Try to do it as soon as possible so you won't keep stressing yourself out. Good luck ; )


Bumble-bee - February 13

thnxx.. i live in canada can i get them at the dollar store here?


Julie23 - February 13

Is there a "Real Canadian Superstore" in your provence? You can even get one from Wal-mart, both places have pretty cheap pregnancy tests if you get they're name brand, and they work just fine. I think they are about $5.00.


wonderer - February 13

I remember reading a post somewhere on this forum that states Dollarama in Canada sells them.


MammaJL - February 14

I live in Canada... You can get them at Dollarama, I Just bought some there yesterday.


Bumble-bee - February 14

awe thnxx Guys :) Theres a blizzard where I am right now But Im giong to go there in the afternoon. <3 I ll let you know what comes out.



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