16 Im Lost And I Dont Know If I Am Or Not

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Coral - May 16

well im 16.....and ive taken a pregnancy test one came out + then the other came out - sooo i started to wonder if something was wrong .....because i have a very off period i never know when to take the test soo i said id wait it out a week or 2 ....and its been a week and a half.....then i started to bleed a very light pinkish ....brown.......its very light but ......i dont kno what this means.....is it my period or is there a problem.....and when should i take my test????


:P - May 16

i have an off period too, i waited a week after the day i got it last month. Although im never sure. Try the first response test, its supposed to be able to detect a few days b4 ur period, so maybe thta'll work. Or go c ur doctor. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - May 16

One positive test is enough to confirm pregnancy. Your urine might have been weaker the second time. Pink and brown spotting when wiping is how many women describe implantation. Make sure your diet contains 100% folic acid (folate) to prevent birth defects (prenatal pills or Total cereal). For a healthy pregnancy you should start making doctor or clinic visits no later than 6 weeks after conception. Good luck!


Coral-up date - May 17

well i think im going to go get a blood test done this weekend....and take a home test maybe this friday..... oh and i took the first responce test thats the one that gave me the double answer.....dunno....when i took the test the 2nd line was very light ....so who knows .......i dunno if this is a sign but ....ive been feeling more tired than normal.....and it always feels like im going to the bathroom...when i dont have to go...or if i do its very very little....my stomach area mostly below my belly b___ton goes kinda rock hard sometimes.....and....i feel really ful yet im really hungry.....are this signs ???


Grandpa Viv - May 17

I expect the home test will give you a much clearer answer this time. The hormone level doubles every few days. Fatigue, peeing more and appet_tie changes are all signs. Start taking those pre-natal vitamins. Good luck!


Coral - up date - May 17

well i took a test today.....cause it was really bugging me about the hole spottin thing.....but agian i got another neg. does this mean im not pregnant ??


Grandpa Viv - May 18

You don't say when you think you got pregnant. My suggestion is to wait 3 weeks after conception, and then take tests at weekly intervals. You'll bankrupt yourself any othr way. Some women take quite a few weeks to get a positive test. That First Response Early Result test picks up very low levels of hCG. See if http://www.ppowb.org/gv/ helps you any.


Coral-update - May 18

welll here are the days i could have gotten pregnant march 28 - 31st april 1st - 4th ...ummm april 16th - 19th and may 11th - 15th are all days ive done something and i havnt gotten my period since march 23-28


Coral - May 18

well most of the time when you have a very light period its a sign of being pregent and if your at home test say 2 diffrent things you could go to the doctor and take a test there and the best time to take a preg. test is 3 weeks after u had intercourse Good luck


Coral-update - May 18

why did someone use my name... as there name eh ?? lol okiessssss well ive tried takin home tests ....but i keep getting neg.s yet i havnt gotten my period since the last week of march......so i dont kno what to think....



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