16 And 6 Weeks Preg

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shyrhy - November 29

so i took a test monday night... positive.. another tuesday morning... positive... i went to planned parenthood today.. positive... im 6 weeks due july 26th, im excited but very scared. my boyfriend is excited to and our parents r behind us so we have that going for us... what kinds of things should i worry about, and what can i do to ease my stress?


tish212 - November 29

first off..if u hve unhealthy vices then stop (smoking alcohol ect) not saying u do...also watch ur diet....make sure ur taking ur prenatals everyday and eating good for ur baby (though in ur first tri the sickness can run u away from food) I don't think the nervousness ever stops.... I am due in dec and I still worry everyday...lol.... I'm glad ur parents are behind u...u will need their support.... just stay positive...u will get people here and in rl that will judge u for being young and pregnant w/o even knowing u...just ignore them as long as u stay positive and do whatever it takes to give ur baby a good life that's all that matters gl and congrats...


sarahnoelle6824 - November 29

Hey, I am 15, 16 In December, I am 12 weeks, Due June 13th. My parents and my boyfriends parents are here for us 100% of the way. My boyfriend is really happy! It is normal to be worried throughout your pregnancy, i had a miscarriage back in February. But with this pregnancy the doctor said everything looks normal, i got to see my baby move at 10 weeks, and the heart rate is 170. But i still freak out a lot i hope the best for you!! Good luck!!


Crystal83 - November 29

Prove them all wrong! Having a baby at a young age is not always the wrong choice! Don't be a stereotype, be a good mom!


Saturn - November 30

Congrats! I had my 1st at 16. I think the main thing is to keep up with your medical visits, tests, scans etc, read up on some of the things to expect, and try and keep in contact with friends, and find new ones that are going through the same as you, cos at your age it is quite difficult seeing as most of your friends already doubtfully have kids.. Its great that you've got full support, thats real important. Give yourself time to get more used to the idea, and really what I did was focus on all the positive things about having a child rather than all the negative things about having kids 'too young'


sarahnoelle6824 - November 30

and if you need anything i can talk to you, cus i am just around the same age, and i am going through the same thing.


tish212 - November 30

I am willing to offer advice...to u shyrhy and u sarah since I am also pregnant (much further along) I'm not a teen but I don't judge... :) u can reach me at tannhubbard at msn dot com that's my email and msn screen name :)


shyrhy - November 30

thanks to all of u. i am starting to get more and more excited but i have been having horrible mood swings n its jus annoying but i can handle it. im very happy that my parents n my boyfriends mom r very supportive of us, i have told more of my family and they understand y im keeping it and they give me there best so im thankful for that. i know i will be a good mom and i am staying in school and plan for college..... congrats to all of u...



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