16 And Confused

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babybunni - November 4

hi im from england and last year i got pregnant even tho i wanted to keep my baby my family told me that my great grandma would die from the shocki,that they would kick my baby outta me and i felt trapped and scared so i went for an abortion just before christmas i regretted it from the moment i woke up and me and my bf have arguements over it even tho i didn't no him at the time because i get really depressed and he says it was for the best and it was'nt really a baby but to me it was my baby. my problem i think i could be pregnant again even tho i want a baby i didn't do it on purpose because i learnt from my mistakes i decided to wait till i was older if i am i will kept the baby even if i have to leave home i jus want some advice and some 2 talk to really


CAROL - November 4

Holy run on scentence, Batman! Okay, look. If you THINK you're pregnant, take a test. If you are pregnant, then decide. But first, at least SEE if you really are pregnant.


babybuni - November 4

I didn't ask if tou thort i was pregnant i said i just wanted advice and some one to talk to and i know its not puncuated properly and i dont care thats the least of my worries


MOM - November 4

Hi I think you should first find out, then if you are start looking for help you will need to know where you are going to live how you will provide for this child and a million other things, so don't kill yourself with all the worry first find out first best of luck, and ps its your choice to keep the baby nobody else its your body and there is help out there.


Chloe - November 9

Hey babybuni, i was in kinda the same situation as you! I found out i was pregnant last year, and my boyfriend made m get the abortion, he was in the army, and didn't want me to ruin his career! At the time i was very vunerable, and i had the abortion. Since then i've vowed not to get pregnant again until im 100% ready, and a bit older and wiser! But i think i may be pregnant again now! By the way, i managed to get pregnant by being on b/c! I didn't realise by taking anti-biotics it stopped the pill working! Now, I've actualy just forgotten to take them! Stupid i know! Anyway, if you need someone to talk to thats not going to judge you in anyway then I'm here! If not, then i hope it all works out for you! I know the added emotional stress that goes with an abortion! It's not easy, and you will always regret it, just something you have to learn to deal with! I know i have. Anyway, here if you need to talk! Bye xxx


babybuni - November 9

thanks chloe for your message, im just so scared and feel all alone ive brort a home testing kit just 2 scared 2 do it. ive already missed 1 period will let u no when i find out. the abortion haunts me to this day i get upset wen i dee babies or wen i find out my friends are pregnant and keepin there kids x


CAROL - November 9

You should take the test, babybuni. You need to know, so you can either a) start researching your options or b) stop worrying about the possibility of a pregnancy.


babybunni - November 12

took the test i am pregnant. i feel sick with worry right now i haven't been to the doctors yet but im guessin i could be about 10weeks. i now feel very guilty that i will be keeping this baby but had an abortion last time. i haven't told my bf either yet hes going to be so mad with me. please can some one give me some advive im scared about being a mum.


T - November 12

BabyBunni - In England there is several resources and places to help a teenager who thinks or is pregnant. There is also shelters where you can live with the child and the shelters wil find you employment and accomodation. You can find out all about the different resources open to you by contacting your GP/Practice Nurse and getting leaflets and phone numbers for the available resources open to you. You can also ring the Social Services who will give you some information and phone numbers and even go around accomodation with you and settle you in. Meanwhile go to the Family Planning Centre and find out if your pregnant. Then talk to your boyfriend, ignore your family and do what is best for you and your child. Good luck.



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