16 And Might Be Pregnant

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ladipink - March 30

hi my name is kayla im 16 and i think i might be pregnant im really scared and dont know what to do and i dont have anyone to talk to please help me!


Corrine321 - March 30

Hi Kayla, I am 15 and 28 weeks and 2 days pregnant... It is a very scary thing but I couldnt even think of killing my baby (abortion) and I would never give it up either! Have you missed your period at all? If you have then maybe get a HPT and see what it says... First thing in the morning take it... If you ever need to talk to anyone, im here okay... e-mail me anytime.. [email protected] or if u have msn messenger then just add me... okay!! Good Luck Sweetie!


7750kate - March 30

hey kayla. im kate and had charlotte at the age of 16 (- im now 21 and expecting my 2nd anyday with the same father. ) anyhows - firstly, in the nicest possible way i disagree with corrine about the ' killing your baby ' comment. i also dont agree with abortion, especially as a contraceptive method - however i dont think all abortions are bad and depend on the current situation. if you are happy to have this baby then go ahead and have it. i think it depends on you, and your life. you dont mention the father or any family, i was luck enough to have support from my family in whatever i chose to do, because as for me i was still at school and had to sit exsams - didnt know the father very well and was living with my parents. was this an acceptable place for a baby. anyhow - i d id what you should do and follow your gut instinct. in the end i went against the abortion idea and followed my heart. i went on to have my baby which was very difficult - not just cos it was a baby - all babys are but because i had to be strong enough to deal with other peoples comments and the loss of my last few childhood years! i did miss out on alot but charlotte is worth it and i now have no regrets. the father (michale) and i arenow married and expecting no. 2, i work in a high school now and come across girls like you all the time. please email ( [email protected] ) if you have any questions or just need someone whos been there. you are not alone and there are plenty more choices to concider. it may seem like a mountain to climb at the mo but dont worry! let me know how things go! kate xx



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