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punkprincessz - May 22

h__lo there, im pretty sure most of you have probably heard this a million times. i am 8 1/2 weeks pregnant and i am only 16. i broke the news to my brother and he was pretty okay about it although he suggested i ahould consider abortion. the thing is i have been completely against abortion since i learned what it actually was. how can i kill something that was a part of me? besides i have to deal with the consequences of my actions and not take the easy way out. [sigh]. i broke the news to my older sister who is 17 weeks pregnant and is 29. her response was "either ou get rid of it, or you have it give it to me and leave our families lives forever" how am i supposed to respond to that? i really dont know what to do. does anyone have any suggestions?


amanda17 - May 22

It isn't anyone's choice but yours whether or not you get an abortion. If you don't feel right about it don't do it, they really don't seem to understand how big that decision is, which is surprising since your sister is pregnant as well. I am seventeen and 9 months pregnant, I got much of the same response when I told my family as well. If you think you are up to the responsibility of being a parent, then there's really nothing anyone can do about that. If you don't have your own home or your own income, tell your parents to see if they would be willing to provide for your child until you are able to provide for him/her on your own. If not, either find someone else who will or look into welfare programs. Good luck with everything and be sure to keep us updated.


Teddyfinch - May 22

i think my response to that would be to go f*** herself. yeah it's family, but that doesn't give anyone the right to say things like that to you. you're pregnant and she shouldn't be that mean. i would actually ask her why she seems to think she'd make the better parent than you, also.


Rachel H - May 23

OH NO, the nerve of that little b*tch! I know that's your sister an all, but that's disturbing to hear someone get talked to like that. You would think of all people that your "sister" being pregnant herself would support you, or at least be there for you whether she agrees with you or not. That really shows the kind or person she is. And who is she to tell you to leave you're family's lives forever? Does she speak for everone in your family???? Tell her to f*ck off...


Rachel H - May 23

Oh, and don't let anyone pressure you into getting an abortion. That's 100% YOUR decision.


angelmonkey - May 23

i thinkyoursister must be jelouse to say something like that,maybe its the fact that she was pregnant and everone was givig her attention and she,s worried now your pregnant that you might steal thelime light off of her? who knows but it was a horrible thing tosay to you......good luck


youngbabymama08 - May 23

well i am 16 and 19 weeks pregnant. i was living with my sister at the time and she also thought i should get an abortion. i cried every night. i didn't have a good relationship with my mom or dad so i was really scared. I got this courage and finally told them. they were very disappointed but they got happier along the way. I just want you to know its YOUR choice and no one can say otherwise!



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