16 And Want A Kid

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amee - February 2

im 16 and really want a baby i asked my bf who i have been with now for 4 months and he said he wants 2 be a young father so im askin wen should i pop the question 2 him that i want his kids???


Anon - February 2

You Amee are a moron. I dont bash teen mothers who get pregnant by ACCIDENT, however I have no problem telling you that you have issues WANTING to get preg. at 16. Grow up first.


amee - February 2

god theres no need 2 talk 2 me like that its up 2 me wot i wanna do and if i want a kid i want one i carnt stop myself ive been close 2 death and doing that has made me realise i should live everyday as it comes cause u never know wot is gonna happen


Akki - February 2

I don't think 4 months is a strong enough relationship to have children. When he says he wants to be a young father I dont really think he means right now and I think it would all be too much too soon for both of you, he's not a babymaking machine so try not to treat him like one. I had an accident where I nearly died and it triggered all sorts of feelings but then I realised that if I did die tomorrow I'd wish to live my life before I settled down and have kids. See some of the world first.


Andi - February 2

I agree- 4 months isn't really enough time to really get to know someone. Spend a little more time with each other getting to know one another- and maybe one day down the line when you two have good jobs and enough money to support another life brought into this world- you will then decide what is right. Hopefully you two will decide to get married and have a big house and then you can have as many young one running around as you want. But I do say that I think that it is a good idea to wait.


amber - February 2

hi amee im 16 and im pregnant and let me tell you there are alot of aches and pains that come along and alot of things you haft to think about first its very hard and i promise you ,you will be happy if you wait till u are married have your own things ! please dont think you want to get pregnant ! have fun while you can



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