16 In School Amp Pregnant

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--Unsure-- - November 1

Hi I'm 16 years old and in year 11 of high school, my boyfriend of 9 months is also 16. We both turn 17 in January. This morning I found out I was pregnant, I don't know what to do. My boyfriend asked how soon I can get an abortion, but I don't want to have one, I haven't told him I don't want to yet? I'm unsure about what to do. Can anyone give me any advice?


Viv - November 1

The standard reaction to an unplanned pregnancy seen on these pages is that the male expects abortion to be the birth control of last resort, and the female is naturally reluctant. It's almost a shame that folks don't discuss these things before they get involved. The male may then apply pressure by threatening to break off the relationship. Additional pressure may come from parents who had quite different plans for their offspring, and quite different plans for the next 18 years of their own lives. If you want to mail [email protected] we can discuss this in more detail.


Sam - November 1

Hey..im also 16 and pregnant although i have now finished school as i am coming up to my 17th birthday.This is my first baby and she is due in 3 weeks(the day b4 my b'day). You should first of all talk to your bf and tell him how you feel and that you dont want to have an abortion..it is a posibility that he could threaten to break off the relationship like Viv said.but chances are that if he has time to let the idea of being a dad sink in he will come around if he dont then i dont mean to sound harsh but he really is'nt worth the trouble of staying with and you would be better off without him.Do what is best for u..it will be hard to cope but as long as you have support you will be fine weather the father decides to stick by you or not.I am one of the unlucky ones who does not have the father around for my baby..although things are better this way for various reasons as he would only bring harm to the baby,but i have all the support and love i need from my mum and the rest of my family!! If u need to chat anytime heres my email addy [email protected] Luv ~*Sam+Bump*~


Crazy sweet - November 1

Hey, dont worry if u dont wanna have one dont i was 15 when i was preg and is till wnet to school and every one at school took good care of me and then i had the baby at least ur at the end of ur school year u got like a year more to go keep it u could do it!!!


Josie - November 1

I'm in almost the same situation.. If you don't feel right about having an abortion, don't have one.It's your choice really.You don't wanna do it then regret it..You know? I'm 16 and I just found out I'm pregnant too.I decided to keep the baby..and my boyfriend doesn't believe in abortion either so that's a good thing... I'm in school too(night school).And trying to find a full time job at the same time... So,I know it's hard.And it's going to get a lot harder.But I'm sure you could do it if you really wanted to...


--Unsure-- - November 1

Thanks this really helps, you are all very supportive and kind :o)


Sonia - November 2

Have you consider adoption. My friend and her husband have been married for 6 years and can't have children and deprestly want one. they both have good jobs stable, and love children. Please consider that choice. If you plan to give it up please email me because they would love to have a baby it would never want for anything.Email: [email protected] they would pay all doctor expenses.


Ca__sie - November 2

I think you should just try to sit him down and let him know that you dont want an abortion maybe he might understand also you and him might be able to come up with some other way.


k - November 2

hey, like Viv said, that is usually an immediate reaction. in my situation (I also became pregnant at 17) It was me who said I want an abortion and my bf wanted to keep it. After discussing it with my parents, my doctor, and doing some research on my own, I decided to keep my baby. It was the best decision I could have ever made and I know abortion was in no way something I could have gone through with.If you can not handle an abortion because of your morals or beliefs, do not let anyone push you in that direction.they legally arent allowed.I am lucky because my parents didnt give me their opinion either way because they wanted me to make this decision on my own, as I am the one who has to live with the consequences of whatever I choose. I'm due in 3 wks now, and everyone couldn't be more excited about the baby. To prepare ourselves for being parents, my bf and I took prenatal cla__ses and took advantage of any prenatal services that were offered in our area.He is really supportive (getting a little freaked out now that it is so soon :p). Hopefully your bf will come around and respect your decision.Good luck..and if you want to talk more e-mail me at [email protected]


Jessica - November 2

Please do not get an abortion. It is completely up to you but abortion is the most awful thing I can think of. Your young and may not be able to take care of a baby right now but you can give it up for adoption. There are millions of people who want a baby and can't be blessed with one. No man is worth killing an innocent thing. This baby has a purpous in life and it deserves a chance. I hope everything works out for you and I hope you make the right decision.


Alex - November 3

Just do what you think is right for you and your baby. Don't think about your boyfriend right now. If you think keeping this baby is right, then do it ,and don't be afraid to tell your boyfriend that your keeping the baby and that there will be no abortion. After all you should be mad at him for getting you pregnant.


Chants - November 3

this has to be your dision. how is you parents with stuff like this? can you confide in them? dont feel presured into getting an abortion, you should be a strong youg woman and even if you boyfriend dosnt want this baby, you dont need him! this has to come from your hart and your mind..... good luck.


Antiganie - November 5

Hi.... I am also 16, in school, and 8 months pregnant. You need to talk to your b/f and tell him you don't want an abortion. If that is how you feel, stick to your decision. If he threatens to leave you, let him. No Man is worth the life of your baby. don't worry about money, when the baby is born he will be forced to pay child support if he is not with you. If you think you can't handle a baby then put it up for adoption. ABORTION IS NOT THE ANSWER. there are hundreds of couples who can't have their own babies. I'm sure you would much rather live w/ the fact you gave your baby away, rather than you killed it. My email address is [email protected] yahoo.com let me know what you decide. Or you can email me any time you need someone to talk to.


Stormie - November 9

Sweetheart, if you don't want to have an abortion, don't because they are wrong and you will only regret it. I have a friend with one baby and they had an abotion and they really regret it now.


Brittany - November 9

I am also pregnant and I just found out last week. I don't beleive in abortions and niether does my boyfriend. I think you should talk everything out with your boyfriend and let him know how you feel. it's your body and I think you and your boyfriend need to come to an agreeable decision.


Jennifer - November 13

You can carry the baby to full term and give it up for a open or closed adoption. To someone who can't have a baby, but really wants one like me. An open adoption lets you see pictures of the baby and the baby know who you are when he or she grows up. Or a cclose adoption seals the babys records and you don't know nothing, so you can finish growing up and be able so do the things you wouldn't be able to do. If you want to talk to me more you can contact me at [email protected]


?? - November 13

If you don't want an abortion don't let anybody talk you into. Just think about what you are getting yourself into. Go to your doctor or a clinic and learn about your options. Then make a decision you can live with.



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