16 Pregnant How Do You Tell Your Parents

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jackieee - February 3

im sixteen my last period was october 2 and ended about 3 days later, the first time my boyfriend and i had s_x was october 10. i havent had my period since november, its now 3, almost 4, months late and i had symptoms; plus my stomach is starting to pooch out and i had a positive pregnancy test. i havent been to the doctor yet but i am 90% sure i am pregnant. how should i tell my parents, i need to tell them soon but they are very stict.


confused.girly - February 4

just tell them how you think theyll take it best. the sooner the better, im 15 and think i am, i told my mom right away and it was a lot easier. the sooner,the better it is for you and your baby. but i was scared to death to tell her! but she went and bought me a test to take and stuff. anyways,enough about me.sorry. but just come out and say youre having a baby and you need a lot of help and support and advice. im not really shure how to tell them though cause all parents are different.i hope everything goes ok. let me know what happens please


V9653 - February 4

Yes, it is very important for you to get on that. You have been going through this for awhile plus there is vital care that you need, especially in the beginning of you rpregnancy so that you can ensure a healthy baby. You need to tell them. Even if you just start with your mom and tell her you think something is wrong-you haven't had a period, have felt sick, etc. and don't tell her anything else and have her let you test as if you haven't before. Even if you write a letter. But you need to hurry. You took on the adult role of mom when you did what makes a baby, and you have a long road of responsibility ahead of you, and so far you aren't being very responsible. Gather all the intestinal fort_tude and get it over with-just call it your first act as someone's mom.


Grandpa Viv - February 7

So you think you are 14 weeks pregnant, due July 9th? Have you been taking prenatal vitamins? Have you had your first prenatal exam? You need to level with your parents so the baby will get proper care. "Mom, I have a secret I can't keep to myself any more!" or "Mom, are you looking forward to grandchildren?" Good luck!


mandy89 - February 9

truthfully just tell them theres no special way of doing it i told my parents when i was pregnant over the phone i was scared to death and wanted to puke but it just rolled out slowly and the reason i was sooo scared is cause my parents told me that i would be out of there life for good if i ever got pregnant im 19 years old and 20 weeks pregnant now and my parents are still there my mom has been buying me stuff like crazy ive never seen her more happy so it was i big surpise maybe you get lucky too so good luck and i hope i helped


fanpire_princess08 - February 9

I'm in a similar situation! It's hard to hide the symptoms from my mom who has been watching me like a hawk recently! I'm scared too and I'm not sure what to do but if you ever need someone to talk to I'm here


NotAnExpert - February 10

I'm a mom of kids your age and I was a teenager when I had my first child, so I hope this will help. Start with "I have to talk to you"....then just say "I'm pregnant". There will probably be crying involved. It's okay. Your parents love you and this isn't what they wanted for you or your life. They may already even suspect that you're pregnant and are afraid too. It's scary to bring it out in to the open - but that moment will be just a brief moment and it will be over. You can then move on and concentrate on learning everything you can to be the best mom possible. Your parents will be right there to help.



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