16 Yrs Old 5 Weeks Pregnante And Dont Know Anything

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mommy2bee - April 6

im 16 and im 5 weeks pregg...i really need advice..like when do i get morning sickness when do i start showing that im pregnante...EVERYTHING!!!


maren - April 6

first i want you to sit down breath and calm down it will be alright. Not everyone gets morning sickness,and some people dont get it in the morning. Pregnancy is different for every person. I personally didnt get morning sickness. When you start showing again depends on you, your body type if you have strong abs. To me and my boyfriend we could tell that i was starting to poke out a bit at around 12-14 weeks to everyone else they could tell that i was pregnant by about 16 weeks now im 27 weeks and well its obvious that im pregnant. Are you taking prenatal vitamins? have you called your doctor to make a prenatal appointment. If not i sugest that you do both of those things. Have you told the father of the child or your parents?


krista-lee - April 6

dont worry! i was the same way as you are now : ) im 16 years old and 33 weeks pregnant. i started to get morning sickness around week 10 - about 16. my sickness wasnt to bad though, make sure ifm you feel naucious to eat a few salted crakers, it makes you feel so much better. i started to show about... week 16 with a little bubble down low, then obviously pregnant around week 26, and huge now at week 33 =] have you told your parents? you need to visit a doctor too, to get your vitimens, and to get the tests you need to ensure you have a safe pregnancy. its not as bad as you think, i was horrified and now i cant wait to have my little baby =]


midnight_drift - April 6

Hey, I am in your boat! But I am 17, almost 18 and I am 5 weeks pregnant too! I started to get extremely nauseous(sp?) already, so meh, you're lucky! ^_^ But you have to know that "morning sickness" doesn't mean just in the morning. Depending on the person, it could happen in the middle of the day etc. I hope that helps, I've been doing a little research. I'd say go to your gyno if you have one, and talk to him, if you haven't told your parents first find out about doctor patient confidentiality. ^_^ Anyways, Good luck ^^!



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