17 Amp Might Be Pregnant

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Whit - December 28

Help! I have tried posting my question a couple times but not luck with a response..I am 17 and my boyfriend is 20. We had s_x about 2 weeks before my period was due. A few days later I started feeling sick (like I had a cold or the flu), sick at my stomach some, headaches, my nipples have been itchin' (dont know if that is actually a sign or not), slightly constipated & very tired and hungry ALL the time! Then about a week later I had my period & got off of it about 4 days ago. I thought that it meant I wasnt pregnant but the symptoms are STILL here. In fact, it feels like they are getting worse. I read that you could be pregnant and still have what seems to be a normal period & It's kinda scary to me because the only protection we used was the withdrawal method & I know that "prec_m" can get me pregnant. What are my chances of being pregnant & when should I take a test?!


Kellyann - December 28

You are Pregnant Just try to take another PT and see what it says then okay!


Whit - December 28

Kellyann- Do you really think that I could be pregnant?! I know that I am only 17 but the thought of havin' a life inside of me..Well it kinda makes me happy-Is that bad?! & do you think its too soon to take a test?!


Hilary - December 28

Face it you're not, you are just sick. You must WANT to be if you think you are that badly. You DO NOT get symptoms 2 wks after conception.


Grandpa Viv - December 28

Ovulation is about 2 weeks before your period is due, and conception (sperm enters egg) is within 24 hours of ovulation. Implantation is commonly quoted as 7 to 10 days after conception, but in fact many women report early signs before that (and some, as in Hilary's case, report none). There is a pretty good chance you are pregnant. Since you are a week past your expected period, it is OK to start testing now. Buy the cheap tests ($4) from the Dollar store (you may have to ask the cashier), First pee in the morning works best. Buy prenatal vitamins at the same time and start taking them as a precaution.Test at one week intervals until you get a positive or your next period, then set up a clinic appointment. Good luck! I'm glad you are prepared to welcome this change in your life. Please remember to come back to this thread and tell us the outcome.


Hilary - December 28

Im just saying it could be the flu, it IS flu season.


Stace - January 3

wait and see if you have your period next month. until then, take care of yourself as if you are pregnant.


Kayla - January 28

look, chances are ur symptoms are not due to pregnancy its really early.... withdrawl is not a good method of birth control, theres a 17 precent chance of getting pregnant.. see a doctor and get a blood test done as soon as u can


kathy - January 28

im 16 and found out im pregnant 2 days ago i havent had my period but that doest mean anything. u can get you period threw the whole pregnancy. im feeling the same things u r. you should buy a test or go to a free clinic or your gyn soon.


Samantha - January 31

I found out i was pregnant at 4 weeks, so you can tell pretty early and i started getting signs very early, now i am five months pregnant and happier then ever, i am also 17 years old.


amanda lynn - June 18

well i would say it is time to take a pregnancy test. if you never had those syptoms before then that is a big sign. check with a doctor near you and tell them about those signs and dont be scared bevause i am 17 too! everyone just found out a week ago and now everything is ok. so dont freak out that much! and please if you are pregnant, dont get an abortion. please.


Careful - June 18

Maybe your not pregnant, COULD BE AN STD! obviously no protection is being used!! GET CHECKED!


alisha - June 19

it sounds like you are pregnant. you should wait until your next period and see what happen. I am going through the same thing but my period has been a week late for 2 months. Try going to plan parenthood to take a test. it might cost about $10. Good Luck!!!!



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