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Need Advice - January 3

Well, I'm 17 years old and I want a baby. I know that I am only 17 but I started wanting one about 6 or 7 months ago and still feel the same. I have a job and my own car. My boyfriend is 20 and he has a job and also goes to college. He brings in about 300$ a week and has about a year and 1/2 of college left. I am a senior in high school and will graduate in May. I start college on January 12th. (night classes, one night a week). I feel like I really, really want this baby. My boyfriend is okay with it since I will be graduated when it would be born. He has his own place and I will be able to move in with him if I become pregnant. Am I too young?


Annalissa - January 3

That is what he says now. If you both want a baby wait tell you are out of school an have been going to collage for a while. an have a good job were you can have a baby


Rachel - January 3

well hey, I am 17 and i am 8 months pregnant... did my bf and i plan this, of course not. Would i change it for the world..never! There are so many things you must consider if you plan on having a baby, i didnt plan on it so now I'm facing some really bad times, if you feel you are ready and are willing to give up your "youthful" ways, i wish you the best of luck..if not..dont even entertain the thought. best of luck to you


CECE - January 5

hell yeah u too young because I'm pregnant and 17 and it was a mistake I'm 4wks and I'm already messing up my career and I will be graduating high school in may but girl dont have a baby until you graduate and have a good job , is financially stable to provide for that child because u will have to care for that child for 18 years and will have to change your whole lifestyle.What if your boyfriend get tired of u you and the baby and dump you?What are u gonna do? you're just gonna be another single parent but what I'm saying is wait if u can wait until your're married because u have your whole life ahead of you who knows one day you may meet the man of your dreams and marry him he may want kids but not with a person who heas an already made family. Think about your decision b4 you act if your boyfriend really want kids he would marry and wait until you're ready but girl you are making a lifelong decision so you should digg deep down in your heart and make the right decision. Ask your self are you ready: PHYSICALLY, METTALLY, STABLE


Kimberly - January 5

Hmmm...I say do what you want as I always say because if someone tells you no then you might go and do it anyway but my advice is that if your going to do it then atleast wait till maybe he's out of college which is a year and a half, gives you time together, time to save, blah blah blah


to Needs advice - January 5

You also have to remember that a child is not the latest gucci handbag, or pair of prada shoes. You dont just have them for a season and then decde you do not want it anymore, it doesnt work like that at all. This is a LIFE LONG commitment, which I dont think you realise, and $300 a week is not going to get you anywhere. Finish your schooling, get yourself financially set up first... and then look at this option... its a big decision... so dont treat it like an added fashion accessory. its a baby, not a friggin handbag


me - January 6



Erika - January 6

Take it from me you should wait. My boyfriend wanted a baby so bad girl, then I finally became pregnant and everything changed. His att_tude and everthing else. Now I am not just some broke girl of the street. I am 18 an bring home about 350 a week and my boyfriend brings about 850 bio weekly. But my boyfriend is 22. A good dad he is and he stuck with me threw the whole prgnacy but he was not ready like he thought. They are still in that stage were they want to hang out with his friends and you will carry majority of the load. I was just like you and I was 17. My son is 5 months now and I would'nt chang it for the world but it's better to wait.


nessy - January 11

well need advice im in the same boat except 5months preg and my bf is going to the army , but he is happy i will be graduating in june baby born in june going to college in sept i say go for it ,but what state are you in im in new york you think the age matters? is this stagitory rape?



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