17 And Pregnant And I Need Help PLEASE ANSWER

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Faye Baby - January 31

I'm 17 and found out that I was pregnant about a week ago my boyfriend wants me to have an abortion but I really want to keep it because I would never get an abortion even though I believe that it's your body and your choice it's not one I would make. I also know that giving my baby up for adoption would not work for me because I know once I see him/her that I could never give him/her up even if it was an open adoption. I've been trying to tell him this but I don't think he understands that girls are just a lot more emotional when it comes to this kind of thing. So how do I get him to understand this. He promised he would stay with me and knows that in the end it's my choice. How do I get him to be more comfortable with it and not be so worried about it. Once they see the baby and hear the heart beat, is it easier for them and do they get happy about the baby when it gets close for it to come and after it comes???? PLEASE I NEED ALL THE HELP I CAN GET


u and ur baby - January 31

No offense to him but who cares what he is comfortable with? If he is trying to talk you into having a abortion and not listening to your concerns then he dosn't care what your comfortable with. IT"S YOUR BODY. If he leaves then it's his loss. You have to do what you want to do.


Grandpa Viv - January 31

Wanting to have and keep your baby puts you in the company of 90% of other women in your situation. The reaction is an instinct. Your boyfriend will also attach to the baby as it develops, provided you are able to keep him close. Have him come to doctor visits, listen to the heartbeat, ma__sage your stretching belly, and be present at the delivery. Tell him it is half his, a joint venture for the two of you. Which said, I would like you to take out a sheet of paper and write down a budget for the first five years of your baby's life. Remember rent, utilities, car payments, cell phone, Internet connection, music, clothes, entertainment, food, doctor visits, diapers and day care. Then write down where that money is coming from and have a working adult give your figures a reality check. Instincts and reality do not always go hand in hand. Good luck!


Faye Baby - February 1

thanks for your help and support!! :)


Faye Baby - February 2

To: HAVE AN ABORTION DUMBASS! I'm sorry I normally like responding to people who write me but I don't like people like you that are immature and can't get their point across without cursing at people to make themselves feel better. You really shouldn't curse at people you don't know. I think you are one of those people who are going to get beat up because you don't know when to keep your mouth shut. So if you dont have anything nice or positive to say and to contribute to me and other people on this site than go away because you are just getting in the way of people who get on here to help others and to get help. thanks


Faye Baby - February 2

Thank you becca. Do you have a baby or are you pregnant also??


Faye Baby - February 3

So is anyone else expecting or already have a baby that could give me some advice???


Hilary - February 3

Sounds like you've already made up your mind.!


Baby Boy - February 3

Yes i just found ouy i was expevting yesterday and i am excited but worried i am also 17 and i have a boyfriend that is wonderful and is planning on being by my side the time. Like you said Faye Baby it your body and your choice.I could never get an abortion or give my baby up for adoption, NEVER!!!!! and i agree with you about HAVE AN ABORTION people like that are idiots, dont listen to them. Good luck and keep me posted email me at [email protected] and let me know KK


Faye Baby - February 3

hey Baby Boy my e-mail is [email protected]


J - February 4

My advice is be prepaired to do it on your own. We all know lots of woman who's partners bail out on them after they get pregnant. Even if they promised they wouldn't. If it is something he really doesn't want, he might leave. If you can't do it on your own, then you have to consider some other options. Hopefully though, he'll be a man. Even if you don't end up staying together, all you can really hope for is for him to be a good father. Thats the most important thing. It's all very scarey. I hope the best for you.


Faye Baby - February 4

Thanks J. I know that he might leave a while after the baby is born so I am going to look for a better job soon so that I can suppoort my baby if I need to.


Faye Baby - February 7

Hey does anybody know any good names if i had a boy his last name will be Jeffries????


Mommy2Kylie - February 7

All Im going to say is you need to do what YOU want, because in the end thats all that matters. You'll regret doing something that someone else wanted you to do if its not what you want. If you're not completley 100% into doing something, don't do it. You will regret it.


Krista - February 9

Faye Baby, if u need anybody to talk to i am 17 and 8 months pregnant! please dunt hesitate to E-mail me at [email protected]! Good luck!


Rena - February 9

i think that first you need to go tho the doctors and find out for sure that you are pregnant. and then if you are you should tell your parents that you are pregnant. you should not be worried,but your parents might be nad but there your parents and its there job to love you. and dont listen to your boyfriend hes a jerk if hes telling you to get an abortion . there wrong just because the baby will be off his shoulders dosent mean it that it will be off yours. you'll live with that fact for the rest of your life. make a bad decesion just because 0thers think you should, im hope you find this info helpful, because i am only 14 and am doing teen pregnancy for my 9th grade english prodject. and i wanted to help you


Faye Baby - February 9

Thanks. I just want to let you know that I'll try and e-mail you as soon as I can but my computer hasn't been loading hotmail.com very well so i'll e-mail as soon as I can.



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