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Janet - January 15

Am only 17 yrs.old and i am pregnant with my SECOND child...i gave birth to a healty baby girl who i named Jasmine when i was 15 years old...and i am 17 now and pregnant again i just recently found out i took a home pregnancy test a few days later i went to the doctors to get a check up and she told me i was 3 months pregnant...i havent told my parents yet...the 1st time time i got pregnant they were upset but really supportive i know i am really stupid..because i have made a big mistake...my parents are going to be sooo upset with me because this is the 2nd time...and i dont know what to do...PLEASE HELP MEE!!!


ann - January 15

i am here if you need to talk, e-mail me @ [email protected]


Julia - January 15

Honey it sounds like your parents might be upset but that it will calm down later. You are just going to have to stay strong for your babys. You will be okay........email if you want to talk more [email protected]


tiffany - February 8

If your a mother already, at least you have experiance and know what its all about. As difficult as it seems now, things will work out. I had a child when i was 16 and two years on i'm pregnant again (9wks gone) Its not an ideal situation, but its noble to decide to keep your baby, against the odds and do your best for your own little family. Goodluck with everything xx


cheryl - February 9

I don't know if I can help but I am here to listen. email [email protected]


Hilary - February 9

I am a twice-over mother of two (live) children. I had Sami at 14, and I got back together with his father and a few months later concieved my daughter. My parents came around. I'm sure yours will too.


Laura - February 9

Abortion is only really upto the 12 weeks- after that is clea__sed as inhumane! So she can't have an abortion! She's 3 months gone! Janet- listen your parents seem as though they are very supportive- tell them the truth now before it gets on too much and you start showing- will be more annoyed then. You can't get stressed and they will know that-


it's okay - February 9

Your life is far from over I did the EXACT same thing I am now 21 and in my last year of college and support both my children and myself it's hard I know but it's worth it. My parents were upset they went from telling me to have an abortion to putting my son up for adoption. I went to adoption agency but before I could even pick a family my parents changed their mind and told me they would help me . so with their help I finished school and started college and got a job. It's a long hard road but it worth it.


Audrey - February 24

Joey- your statement does not describe all teenagers, so don't judge all by the actions of a few. I have a friend who became pregnant at 17 DESPITE using protection. Her son is now 18 and living on his own, and she's doing quite well. Sure it's hard and reduces the chances to have a better future, but one learns from one's actions.


Ca__sy - February 25

i feel sorry for you im 5 months pregnat having a little boy maybe we can help each other please e-mail me at [email protected]


protection - February 26

Birth control and condoms work great! Try them and stop whining!!


maggie - March 1

hey i am only 12 and i ahve 2 little girls named ellie leah and jackie my parents kicked me out and nkow i live with my babys daddy who is very supportive i know having baby this young is stupid but i love them and i love my bf just tell your parents they might be upset but at least they suppot u and im 7 months preg. with my 4th baby my parents r very upset but i live with it i cant stop having s_x



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