17 And Stretch Marks

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Hottmama9-26 - July 12

I am 29 weeks along and out of no where i just woke up and have stretch marks all along my butt and thieghs HELP please what is good to use?


newmommy20072007 - July 12

hey! well, i'm 17 too i'm only 9 weeks though i'm due on valentine's day! well, what i use is cocoa b___ter, they even have certain lotions that from cocoa b___ter just for pregnant women. try going to target or any where where there is skin care products! good luck


maren - July 12

stay hydrated seriously cause your skin will stretch better but once they are there only time will fade them. not the end of the world i have them all over my b___t too. This is how i look at it who sees my b___t my BF and my doctor


1st_time_mommy - July 12

i am 17 as well and i am 25 weeks pregnant luckily no stretch marks lol YET.... but another good thing to use is a stretchmark cream from tyme maternity or really any maternity store


SEM - July 12

I'm 17 too. and i like the way you look at it "maren" nothing works for me right now. my due date is July 14...so i'm olny 2 days shy of 40 weeks and they get much much worse, your best bt is to try the lotions afterthe baby ive been told...


Nesha - July 12

hey Well im 16 and i just had my baby 2 weeks ago and i was useing coco b___ter it really helps and now im usein niva Q 10 and it made a big differance.. it made all the marks white and little smaller.. use it everytime you shower..Best time to use it, is as soon as you have your baby at the hospital, the first shower you take and still use coco b___ter helps lots...goodluck


xadjektivex - July 13

Everyone i know SWEARS by vitamin E oil. Not only does it keep your skin moisturized and itch-free it also helps your skin repair itself. So its good during and after pregnancy. So far it has worked for me


PrettyShadows - July 15

There's this new thing called bio-oil in the UK i don't know if they sell it else where but it's only about £10 and it reduces scars and stretch marks. It's supposed to be brilliant!



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