17 Pregnant But I Don T Want An Abortion

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TeenInNeed - July 6

I'm 17, almost 18, and just found out I'm pregnant. My boyfriend is 19 and not happy about it. We both have wonderful things ahead of us. He's in school, I'm starting college in the fall, we both have jobs and plans for our futures. I'm not planning on marrying him. He wants me to have an abortion, and I can see a lot of the reasoning behind it. But I don't think I could ever go through with it. I know that if I don't have an abortion, I'll be doing everything on my own. I come from a fairly broken home, so I can't expect anything from my parents. I'm so lost. I never thought my boyfriend would leave me over this.


lilmomma88 - July 6

Girl, everything will be okay. I'm 17, almost 18 and just had my son a week and a half ago. I understand times are hard, but if you don't want an abortion, don't get one! That is a big decision that will effect your emotions for the rest of your life. Having a baby does not have to ruin your plans for the future. Your plans will just include another little person, thats all. When I found out I was pregnant, my boyfriend wasn't happy at all. In fact, he left me for the first 4 months. For the first 2 of those months, he told me to get an abortion or he would never talk to me again. When I was 5 months pregnant, he came back, and we have been together ever since. The day our son was born, I saw him turn into a man instead of a little boy. (He's 18) He is so deeply in love with our son that he can hardly keep his hands or eyes off of him. People change. Maybe he will come around, who knows. If he doesn't, and you don't want to do it on your own, there are always people willing to adopt, and who will give your baby a good home. It's all up to you, and I know you'll make the right decision for your baby and yourself. Good luck, and if you ever want to talk, go ahead and e-mail me [email protected]


TeenInNeed - July 6

Thanks lilmomma. I'm hoping he'll come around and really take responsibility for his half of this. He insisted that we go to planned parenthood and have some counseling, which I think will be good for both of us.


Grandpa Viv - July 7

Good luck with Planned Parenthood. The bravest way out of your dilemma is adoption, but it is a hard thing to do. It is possible to find open adoptions where you will have some contact with the child, but most adopting parents want a clean break. Try www.birthmothers.org


lilmomma88 - July 7

I hope he comes around too. I agree with your boyfriend, counseling sounds great. Just don't let the counselor or your boyfriend talk you into something you don't want to do. It's your choice. That baby is in your body, not his. Let me know what happens =)


Jamie-Lee - July 7

I'm 19 and 6 months pregnant.When my boyfriend found out he wanted me to get an abortion.I was going to but then I backed out,I just couldn't do it.He breaks up with me a lot because I didn't do it.He says he's not ready.I know exactly what you're going through.Everyone thinks Rob will come around but he keeps saying that when the baby is born his feelings aren't going to change.My friends and family are supporting me,I just wish he could too.Having a baby is not the end of the world,in fact it's just the start.Check out my website if you'd like it's www.jambam1.piczo.com.Good luck.


TeenInNeed - July 7

I just want to thank everyone so much for their advice. I told my boyfriend that I don't want an abortion, and he's not happy with my decision but promises to stick by me. He said that he doesn't know if he can be with me romantically anymore, but he won't leave me to deal with this alone. We're still going to PP for counseling. And Jamie-Lee I looked at your site and you look gorgeous! Congrats on your baby!


newmommy20072007 - July 10

hey there! i'm 17 almost 18 also and my boyfriend is 20 and couldn't be more excited. i graduated from high school and start college in just a week we both have good jobs and our own townhouse. even without my boyfriends help i'm sure i could support this child without the governments help. but whatever if he wants to kill the life you both made together then that's not love. i'm glad you're doing counceling and stuff but all babies are mircale babies! but if you ever need to talk my email is [email protected] good luck!!!


Breaking_Heart - July 11

I am currently 18 but in december when i was still 17 (2months from being 18) I got pregnant, my bf and I had only been together for 2 months or so I loved him and we talked it out and we came to the decision that abortion was what we had to do neither of us was happy about it but we went through with it. I knew that sooner or later if I had the baby we would have a fight and that would be thrown up and would end up breking us up so I did it for him. On the way down it was so hard he said why dont we just nto show up to the appointment I said no cause I know that some day we will change our mind and I wasnt waiting and getting more pregnant that 4 weeks. Now (6 months later) we are pregnant again and are totally happy even though my mother is going to kick me out when I tell her we dont care although we are having a few complications with jobs and bleeding


oxocrazybabiioxo - July 11

ok gurl is hard cuz ur young too lolzz.. but alot of youg gurls are having babies... i never thougt bout abortion either but u kno wat if u not ready and dont think hes gona b there and ur settle enuff they dont make ur self do sumthing that is not giong to make u happy.. it might be better to wait


SEM - July 12

see, I've been pregnant 2 times from my now husband.Im 17 he's 19. when we found out that i was pregnant the first time it was when we lost the baby, he was kinda confused on what to do at that time, but never did he ever tell me to get an abortion. after the loss we sat down and had a long talk and decided we wanted a baby, we also at the point in time decided to get married. Now i am 2 days away from my due date and he couldnt be happier, he helps me alot because i get depressed becuase i cant do anything but he always makes me think about our baby boy and i come right back, it just depends. His friends think he was stupid to marry me and stupid for us to have a baby, and guys do what their friends tell them to, pull him aside to talk maybe he'll feel different


jeanette - July 13



Frankie - July 17

TenninNeed, What about adoption? Myself and my partner, would love to be able to help you if you want. We want to have a family of our own, and though we are both capable of having a baby, feel that helping someone in your situation, would be much more rewarding. I come from a loving home, with a great support unit. As does my partner. We would welcome the idea of giving your child a wonderful, safe and loving home. My email is [email protected]



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