17 Pregnant By A 36 Yr Old

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xBeautiful.Disasterx - February 20

I'm Hannah, i am 17 years old, i have been in care since the day after mt tenth birthday but am soon getting my own place (with have my own place by June) I'm not sure if i'm pregnant and from my story i have to tell i will probably make you all sick and hate me! well i have been talking to an older male for a long time, a few weeks back he offered to bring me home, i agreed but what happened next i didn't expect, when he dropped me off we started kissing and this leaded to more, i met him that thursday and friday that week, we didn't sleep with eachother till the week after, we did not use contraception, stupidly! the bad thing about this is he's 36 has a step child two of his own and a girlfriend! i told him it was over saturday but when i saw him at work sunday he acted like i hadn't said all those things to him, and i know i'll end up getting back with him. confused, my mind seems all messed up!


KaseyA - February 20

Before you start to get stressed take a test. If your pregnant then you work out the details with him. I wouldn't worry if I wasn't positive I was pregnant. Good Luck!


xBeautiful.Disasterx - February 20

thanks for the reply, the whole situation with him is stressing me out not just the baby thing :(


Grandpa Viv - February 20

Are you late, do you have signs? It sounds like you are being conned by a predator!! I understand you need some love after the life you have had, but don't go looking in all the wrong places. At least buy yourself some condoms and v____al film spermicide and take no more chances. Good luck!


maren - February 20

well you have to stand your ground he is with someone and he cheated on them with you so that right there proves he is not a faithfull person i would calm down take a test and get tested for STD's who knows who this thing is having s_x with. Do you really want to be around someone like that see if you can get transfered or if you can get him transfered because he is obviously some what manipulitive because you know you dont want to be with him but at the same time you think your going to end up sleeping with him again


xBeautiful.Disasterx - February 21

thanks for the replies


kenodra - February 21

you need to be careful for one, expecially having s_x with someone after 1 week. i think thats wrong well thats me tho, i hate when people are harsh so im not going to be because you sound like a great person but dont freak out be calm & colective about everything. i love you :)


kenodra - February 21

we dont think your digusting becuase of what happened things happen hunni. be careful tho if you ened to talk heres my emial ilovestrad at yahoo. com


xBeautiful.Disasterx - February 22

thanks for all your replies, i will keep you updated i'm hoping he's at work today so i can talk things over with him! thanks again xxxx


moescrilla - February 25

Girl, I dont think your a horrible person. You've had a real hard life, and most people who've had the life you've had have a hard time as well. Take a test, to be sure. Dont be with this man, though. Think, if he cheated on his girlfriend with you, if you two end up together, you dont think he'll cheat on you with someone else? People who cheat never stop, they cant be with just one person. I know sometimes people make mistakes, but this guy obviously keeps coming back to you, so it was not an accident. So leave him alone and find someone who will be faithful to you and take care of you. Good Luck!



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