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wicca_moon_03 - February 7

I need some advice on prenatal care. Im 17 and pregnant and my mom just kicked me out of her house for multiple reasons but she doesnt know im prengnant and theres no possible way i can tell her. I dont have a job right now because i have transportation issues so i have no money. i think im about 20 weeks pregnant but i cant for the life of me remember even vaguely when my last period was and i am having slight stomach pains when my stomach gets touched. I need to know what i should do for like prenatal care. i dont know how much it will be each time or if they'll tell my mom. i dont have insurance or money so i dont know what to do.


wicca_moon_03 - February 7

oh come on... someone answer me...


mickey87 - February 7

do you have msn????? im 18 and 8months prego i could try and anwser some questions:P i live in canada i dont know if where u live is the same but i dont pay anything for visits but u sohuld make an appointment right away maybe call and find out if itll cost and how much if it does and if your not on prenatal vitamins you should get some right away they dont cost much and u can get them pretty much at any drugstore or pharamacy


wicca_moon_03 - February 7

no i dont have msn... the only time i can get on the computer is before school. i do have a hotmail adress...and its not that i have a little bit of money, i have no money what so ever... ok i have a dime in my pocket but thats it... i have a feeling somethings going to go wrong and i wont know about it because i cant afford to go and find out and im gonna die


Grandpa Viv - February 7

WIcca, bum a ride to the Health Department, or to the nearest BirthRight center. The first will provide prenatal health care and clue you in how to get free indigent birthing at the hospital. If you tell BirthRight your mom has thrwon you out because you refused to have an abortion, they will perhaps take you in until after the birth. You could also walk in to a church. Many churches have Wednesday evening get-togethers, and the preacher will have suggestions for care. Finally, there is the local homeless shelter or chidl protection services. Good luck!


wicca_moon_03 - February 7



frankschick2001 - February 7

How is it that you estimate you are 20 weeks, but do not know when your last period was? Have you been to the doctor yet "for like, prenatal care". It doesn't seem to me like ytou are taking this situation at all seriously, so consider adoption. Also, you don't have a place to live, but you have internet access? I think this posting is so fake.


Lillie E - February 7

frankschick... leave her alone, she said she get online before school, ever think the SCHOOL had internet? Wicca, things sound like they're pretty hard right now. try to make your way to a clinic of some sort. i know in my town we have a free clinic to needs who want birthcontrol or pregnancy test and you can see a doctor. we also have a pregnancy care center. if you think your having a problem with the pregnancy, make sure you take care of that before anything else.


Sarahsmommy - February 8

Can you go talk to a consuler at school? They can probably help you find a place to stay, help you get food, and help you get prenatal care. Also if you can go to your local health department they can help you get WIC and you can get beans, or peanut b___ter, milk, eggs, cheese, juice, and cereal. Also if you can get to the social services place they can help you get medicaid which will pay for everything. I would encourage you to do this soon so you baby will have the best start possible. Also WIC will provide you with prenatal vitamins.


wicca_moon_03 - February 9

i estimate 20 weeks because i know the last month my period was was in september or october and all the reaserch ive been doing ive found everythimg i'm experiencing is around 20 weeks. See? this is what happens when teenagers try to get help... there are always one or two a__ses. and i already know im giving it up for adoption. go adhead and think its fake... At least there are some people who will help me


Tonia - February 10

I'm 17 and 15-17 wks pregnant, my original due date would put me at 16wks now but then my doc kept changing it, medicaid is a good thing, currently I'm medicaid pending, and no doctors will see me while I'm medicaid pending, and they have 45 days to decide if they are going to approve you or not, I recommend that you get all the paperwork and fill it out, there's lots, and it asks info about everyone in your household, not sure where you are currently staying, but you should really get this stuff filled out, what does the father think, will he help you out at all?


m_tuck719 - February 14

First of all you need to talk to your mom, she might just understand. I'm pregnant and I get help from the State. Look into the programs your state might have. I get a medical card and they pay for all of my bills. You need to get to a doctor ASAP though because you need to make sure that nothing is seriously wrong. There are people out there willing to help you.


Jbear - February 14

Tonia, you can find a doctor to see you while you're waiting on medicaid. You'll have to sign a form saying that you'll pay if medicaid doesn't, but you have to sign that anyhow, even if you have medicaid when you start seeing the doctor. Medicaid will cover bills for the three months before your coverage started too.


Tonia - February 15

I live in a small town and there isn't a big city that I could get to without driving at least 4 hours, and the doctors here are saying that they can't see me until my medicaid is approved or whatever, so maybe in the big cities you can, but I can't if the few doctors we have won't let me... Currently we only have 2 OB/GYN's that are doing pregnancy, one just closed his practice, that did see you while medicaid pending and the other stopped doing prenatal care a couple of years ago.


krystle - March 1

i am having prenatal care issues too due to the fact i am uninsured now i got kicked out too my mom resent the fact that i followed her footsteps i am 18 and 10 weeks i live with the babys father so i am at an advantage i have a car i got that 2 days after my 18 birthday in november its in my name though and my mom just co signed i have a job but i need health insurance so i know what you are feeling right now. i barely have money to pay my car note every two weeks but i manage my b/f is doing right by me. About the pains i dont know sweetie. Medicaide is a thought i know i have to get on it and i have a job and stuff.


Tonia - March 1

It turns out that I won't be able to get in for any prenatal care until I'm in the third trimester, and now everyone is saying that I'm going to have twins, they run in my fiance's family and I'm huge for not even being 20 weeks yet. All I want is to go in for an ultrasound to find out the s_x of the baby, or to find out if it is twins.


maren - March 1

tonia~ why cant you get prenatal care untill your third trimester? you said you applyed for medicaid almost a month ago so it should be coming back soon. Your what about 18 weeks yea??? the third trimester doesnt start till about 28 weeks thats in 10 weeks!!! have you seen any doctor at all. That is not right that you have to wait that long if you dont mind me asking why is it that you have to wait that long?



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