17yrs 9wks Preg Is What Im Doing Right

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nicole - March 11

ok well my names nicole and im 17. ive known my bf since 5th grade weve been dating for almost 2 yr.s. i never thought about getting preg. although that shoud have been the first think in my head when i decided to have s_x. anyways now that i am preg. we(both of us ) decided to keep it. i know if i tell my mom and dad they will ask for me to have an abortion, something me personally dont believ in, but the point is we decided not to tell them because of this until i reach about 4 months.but i know this may upset them even more.do you think this is right or is it just being a little immature? no this wasnt a planned preg, if you were wandering.


PP - March 11

Personally I understand you desire to wait to tell them and like many women whowait it could be to spare the miscarriage etc. But in your case you need medical care and presumable you get health insurance through your parents it would be important to discuss it with them. If that is not the case then waiting while it may anger them is appropriate provided you can get the necessary medical treatment. Also if you encounter morning sickness etc. it may be hard to hide. If you are waiting so that abortion is out of the questions that seems immature but I understand. You should tell them as soon as you feel comfortable though because they will need time to come around and you will want their support. And while I am not in favor of teen pregnancy you seem more mature than most of the girls on this site and I appriciate your maturity and honesty. Good Luck!


Jennifer - March 11

Nicole, I am also a 17 yr old who is pregnant and I made the mistake of not tellin my parents until i was 22 weeks pregnant. They totally went balistic. Even though they may want you to have an abortion, they can't make you. And even though they may become upset and uneasy at the thought at first, eventually they warm up to, because face it, they're gonna be grandparents. Yea, they may not be ready, but neither are you. This is something everyone has to go through together. I hope that I have helped you and if you ever wanna talk about it, just e-mail me. [email protected]


nicole - March 15

this is nicole again. thank you for the advise. i have been going to the doctors i filled for medical. ive gone twice for pap. and for pics of the babe. i know my parents are going to be really mad either way so im just going to wait like a month more or so so i can figure out what exactly ive already gotten my self into and what can i do. im starting a full time job and im going to save all my money for about a month so that when i do tell them it really wont be about money and it will show a little responcibility for saving for a good cause. ill probably have about 1,500, not enough for a baby yet but ill keep the job. Do you guys see where im coming from.


loni - March 15

hi i have and 2 mon im 17 i told my parents first


Felicia - March 15

Girl, you're growing up. People make mistakes. I'm 18, 6 months pregnant. Of course you're parents are going to be upset at first, but they will be happy in the long run. Just tell them because I waited till I was 4 months to tell my parents and they kicked me out


Liz - March 22

You can wait...but they may be angry because you kept it from them for so long. But to be completely honest, i would probably wait too. Get yourself together first and realize that it's really happening and it's not just gonna go away. Make sure you're going to the Dr. as well. It's not right, it's not wrong, it's just your personal preference. Good luck to you! [email protected]


t.s - March 24

hi nicole i am in your position as well! as i am 17 and 8 weeks pregnant. me and my bf have decided to keep it too. im really worried about telling my dad as i know he would want me to have an abortion. im scared that he wont be there for me if i wont get one! [email protected].com chat to me anytime


JA - March 24

I got pregnant too at a really young age and I made the mistake of telling my mother... I also didnt believe in abortion and being a Catholic I thought my mother didn't either... well i received no support or understanding from my family, and my mom rushed me off to an abortion clinic, where despite my protest, they still performed an abortion on me... I was heartbroken... I wish I wouldnt have told her so soon... i shouldve waited till i was further along and she wouldnt have been able to do nothing... anyways that was years ago, and I cant say I have quite recovered... and in my moms eyes, she still thinks she did no wrong, and doesnt care that she hurt me... i've had to seek counseling for that whole incident and I no longer have a relationship with my mother... Apply for Medicaid and WIC, that way you'll have the prenatal care you need without your parents finding out... Good Luck...


lori - March 24

i think if made it with you and himk, have known each other that long, and both think u can love the baby and give it what u need then keep it. if not PLEASE DONT ABORT let the child live its life and give it up for adoption or put it in a foster home till u decide if u want the baby or not. I am 17 and trying to conceive with my fiance


lisa - March 24

Hi, my daughter just told me she is 8 weeks and I was very upset. Its been 3 days and I am doing better. I am glad she told me when she did it gives me more time to mentally prepare. You will be fine and she will she.



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