18 And I Want A Baby

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doodisgurl - October 23

Im 18 and I really want a baby. I got a early start on life so now I feel all that I have left to get out of life is a baby. Im married, living in our own place, and We have amazing jobs. Am I wrong to want a baby at such a young age?


Ky_la_02 - October 23

On the one hand, I'd say take more time with it being just the two of you. Adding a baby into the mix has the potential to cause major chaos. On the other hand, if you AND YOUR HUSBAND feel that you're comfortable with having kids right away, whose to say otherwise? Best of luck! ~*~Kylie~*~


HeavenisMine - October 23

Only you can truly answer that question, none of us can tell you what to do. Granted your situation sounds better than most young women's, so I'll say this, do as you will, and I hope your wish comes true ;)


kendra.marie - October 23

no its not bad wanting a baby this young. i will be nineteen next month & im ttc baby 2 =] so no its not wrong but it puts alot more stress on a relationship then most woman. its hard i know trust me im a mother to a 14 month old sweetie =] but yah know. anyways i hope the best for you & make smart decisions.=]


jennifer_33106 - October 23

I say that if you are in a good stable relationship and are able to financially then do what you feel is best. I do wanna say that just because you are married and have a good job dosent mean that you have nothing left to experience. There is a huge world out there to explore. I would tell that to anyone who said that just not you btw. GL!! and I hope you get everything you desire!


GimmeaBub - October 24

There is no problem at all, if your ready your ready, and as long as you give that baby all the love and care in the world, (as i can tell i know you will) then i dont see a problem with it, you seem alot more stable than alot of younge women these days, and it's good that your thinking about this first before rushing in! Best of luck Hun!


lady jane - October 24

thats good and all, but dont you guys want time for yourselves to be a couple? Children are always a blessing but they can def. put a strain on your relationship espcially when you are so young.


Kitalj07 - October 24

Hell no! I say have a baby. Hey, it couldn't be so bad. You are married with great jobs, I'm sure those great jobs can support a new family member! Well, I'm pregnant and engaged to be married... Hey i'm 18 too, I don't have a job, but my fiancee is in the Army!


AylaRose - October 25

I am 16, also an army girlfriend. I am currently 4 months pregnant with twins. If your heart is telling you to have a baby and you BOTH want one then go for it. Nobody can make that decision for you except you... Best of luck, i hope everything works for the best :)


Gaby - October 25

i think its up to you but you said that u and your husband have a good job so u should go for it...just curious, do you go to college too besides wok?


tish212 - October 25

honestly...if u r mature enough to maintain a steady job...keep ur bills paid....keep ur house up....and be married happily...then who's to say ur not ready? ur doing everything I would think would be required to show ur maturity. some older woman don't even have that stability yet...so I would say GO FOR IT if u and ur dh both agree that ur ready to have a baby then why let anyone else opinion stop u? ur an adult and ur choices in life are urs to make not anyone elses. there are always goin to be people that say wait..no matter what the age....


R__ - November 17

if you the two of you are both stable and ready and wanting a baby then i say there is nothing wrong with that. you should go ahead and try for one then.



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