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WHAT!! - October 13

I am now 18 days LATE for my period. I wouldn't think that skipping your period, for the heck of it, is normal. Especially since i have never skipped since i have received my period. I took three test in general. Two were cheap, From dollor store and the third one was a First Response. All NEGATIVE! What is going on? Am i pregnant or what? And if i am Pregnant, am i going to have a healthy pregnancy? I am extremely sad, nervous, and depressed As the days go on, this is all i can think about. Help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Critter - October 13

go to the doctor and take a blood test. Do you work out a lot? women who have less than 5% body fat usually don't get a period.


WHATT - October 13

To Critter, thank you for your response. As for working out allot, i have to say NO. I do not work out at all. I walk, but that is about it. My periods have always been on time. And now 18 days late for a period. That is the craziest thing i have seen in my life. Before i was suppose to get my period, i had spotting a week prier. Bright colors. Red and Pink. Do not know what is going on but yes i am going to take a blood test. Do you think that if i m preg, that my baby will be healthy and i will have a healthy pregnancy?


angel - October 13

hi :) go get a blood test those are very acurate. i had the same thing i was 2 months late for a period and i got a blood test and it was negative and a few weeks later i got my period. good luck


whattt - October 14

Well see, i have never really skiped before. My cycle is like clock work. But the thing is, is that i am not streesed about anythiing, nor depressed so there is really no reason to not have my period come. I was thinking about it a few days ago, and i was like okay, i am going to get it soon( because i started having some form of cramps, but more like a sensation of pulling) but nothing came. I am a bit cofused. I have not really been stressing about it, but it is in the back of my head. Also todya, i have been using the restroom like a race horse and been eating like one too.


misti - October 15

hey i am in the exact same situation as u im 18 days late too well more like 19 now but my periods are not regular and i took two tests and they both said negative ive never missed one for this long


whattttttt - October 15

Yea, well for me, my periods are always the same. Since i have started my period and now i am now(19 days past) that just puts me in a loop. I am scared becausae i still havent started( for the month of Sept, nor the month of Oct) so i am in a loop on wether or not something is going on. I know that i am using the restroom soo much and last night, i got sick quick. I felt so nacious you could not beleieve. I just hope that everything is arlight with me. I would not want anything to go wrong, if i am preg, with my babys health nor mine.


misti - October 15

i am having the same symptoms i am peeing alot and cant eat breakfest cause i am nautious so i guess we will see keep me updated


misti - October 15

oh and maybe you are stressing about it u just dont know it if its in the back of your mind u probably are just calm down some and did u just get off of birth controll by any chance


wattttt - October 15

No. I personaly do not believe in birth controll. I beleive that that substance messes up your body. It isnt that i am stressing. Just yes, in the back of my mind. So it does, bring a bit of stress. I just dont like the fact i do not know what is going on.


misti - October 15

i know exactily how u feel just wait another week and take other test thats what ive been doing is one test a week and have u been using first morning urine? thats the best but i know some ppl who didnt get a pos till like there third month so just tell me when u are going to test again and ill test too lol


Grandpa Viv - October 15

WHAT!!, the signs you are beginning to list make it sound increasingly likely you are pregnant. Some women take quite a while for a pregnancy test to show positive. If you miss a second period and still have not had a positive test, it would then be a good idea to visit a doctor and find out what else could be going on. Good luck!


owner to post.. whatttt - October 15

Well, actually alrigight. Hear is my story with the tests. I bought two preg tets from the dolor strore. I took the frist one, about mmmmm 4 in the afternoon, came back negitive in less then 3 seconds. I was supprised. I figured arlight, NOT PREG. I waited a week or so, still havent received my period, took the second one and IN THE MORNING. Took about 15 seconds to come up( compared to the frist, 3 second one), test resulted in a POSITIVE. But soon faded to a negitive. I was a bit confused. I did not understand if that ment no or yes about pregnant. Waitied another week, still did not get my period, so i bought the FRIST RESPONSE. Took that early in the morning( i was littelry holding my urine all morning long, since i so badly had to go but i waited) and it came back negitive. But still, have'nt recieived my period. So i am baffled. Do not UNDERSTAND at all about anything wt_th these home preg tets. AAhhhhh MAKES ME JUST WANNA SCREAM


misti - October 15

I want to scream too i have pretty much the same story as u when r u going to test again/


whattt - October 15

To Grandpa viv, thank you for your response. I am just confused about what is gong on with my body. Also, i do not remmber if i have stated any where on this fourm, but in the month of Sept, when supose to receive my period, i didnt. But instead, i received a week earlier, some bright red and pink spotting. Could that put this puzzle piece together by any chanch?


WHATTTTTTTT - October 15

I do not know for sure when to take the extra test. I belive around the weekend of the 22nd. If i do not get any bleeding by then. Or i might just wait until the weekened after that. It just frusturates me because if i am, then COME BACK POSITIIVE!!!!!!


misti - October 15

if u got some sotting that may be implantation bleeding which occours about that time was it really light? i know that some women get it



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