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Advice Girl - April 26

I'm 18 and i'm going to be graduating May 23rd. Me and my fiance are s_xualy active but always used a condom. Except for Saturday April 17th when we had unprotected s_x and he didn't pull out before he came! i have a feeling that i'm pregnant because i feel light headed because of my stomach i always seem to feel like i'm going to throw up and at times i actually do. I eat more that i normally do and my friends and family is starting to realize this and i feel like i go to the bathroom like every ten minutes. could i be pregnant or is this juss me thinking i am im not for sure.


Advice Girl - April 28

i'm getting closer and closer to finding out if i'm pregnant and i'm really scared not only beacause i'm 18 but because well idk. things have been kind of up in the air at my parents house and if i am pregnant i know this stress isn't good for me or the baby. i'm truely scared on haveing to tell my mom and his mom about the baby(if i am). thinking about it everyday has me all excited until i think about my mom then it juss stresses me out and gets me all nervous. i have no way to tell my mom, i know it's not right but me and my soon to be husband are planning on telling my mom and his mom after i move in with him. that way there's nothing that can truely be done. i know that i shouldn't be scared to talk to my mom about this because we've had this coversation before but it turned out i wasn't. the thing is i promised mom i wouldn't have s_x without a condom ever again. and i broke that promise so that's why i'm scared. i'm showing more and more signs of pregnancy that i think my mom is starting to catch on to. my friends have already asked me and i told them i might be i'm juss worried that if i am how am i going to break the news to my mom without her having heart problems from the big shock(if that's even possible)! i need help could you please give me some advice anyone=]


m.oreo.27 - May 3

I am 14 and have had this same thing happen to me. I thoght i might be pregnant. i started having early signs of pregnancy. i took a test and it turned out i was not pregnant. All of the signs were just in my head. I was also very happy i might have a baby. then i thought about how my family would react and that put stress on me. I know your thinking shes 14 and wants a baby? but im going to speak for alot of girls out there that have thought it would be cool to have a baby. everyone always says rude things when teens say they want a baby. I know the responsability and the energy it would take and im sure many ggirls out there do. my only advice is to wait for the one. no i am not saying wait until you are married, but wait for the one. youll know when you find him. and for all of the parents that may read this, if your teen is pregnant this is when they NEED you the most be a role modle for how they should be a parent. also for you if you are pregnant then never consider an abortion! i dont see what the problem is youll be out of the house. its your choice. she may be dissapointed but it will work out for the best. i wish you luck and am always here to talk.


Advice Girl - May 5

Like i know how it is trust me i've wanted a baby since i was like 13 or so and i know it's hard. if i am pregnant this baby wasn't planned at all! but i will still love him/her no matter what! with things happening with the house now i find it hard to see myself and my boyfriend to be raising a baby with this money issue and i will never resort to an abortion so don't worry i don't believe in them at all and i refuse to give up for adoption. i'm sure if i am things will get harder everyday but i know i'll be strong enough to stand through it all and i really thank you for your support on this m.oreo.27 =]


m.oreo.27 - May 5

I like how you think. your alot like me lol. when can you take thge test?


Advice Girl - May 5

well see that's where the money issue comes in! i was suppose to have my period two days ago and i still haven't gotten it so idk. i'm thinking on waiting for a while longer and see if things pan out otherwise i have no other way to find out if i am or not by taking a test!


m.oreo.27 - May 5

yeah id take a test if i was you. so have you thought about names if you are?


Advice Girl - May 6

if i can find the money i'll take one but until then i have no choice to wait. and yeah i have i have had names picked out since i was 15 lol


m.oreo.27 - May 6

lol well what are your names? if you dont mind me asking. and you can take a home test they only cost like about $10


Advice Girl - May 6

last time i got a test it was like $15. but still that's $10 i don't have =(...Kayden Michael and KaeLynn Lee


m.oreo.27 - May 6

awh those are CUTE!! :) im sure youve read this allready but there are places you can get tests for free. like at your docters and stuff. im sure you knew that though lol.


Advice Girl - May 7

aww thanks hun, yeah i know i can but see that's another thing too i don't have MA anymore so i have no medical insurance PERIOD. so i'm kinda screwed and being i'm still living in my rent's house if i did go to the doctor and pay it myself(with money i don't have) mom will still find out about it and i really don't want her finding out that way. and i really want to know for sure before i jump the gun and tell her you know. i know she's going to be mad but then again proud. because when my sister was 18 she had a 3 year old daughter and one on the way! She had her first when she turned 17! now she's got 4 kids and one on the way! and she's only 29! i find it ironic but amazing all at once. because i've seen the hell she went through to get where she's at now. i didn't want to go through that so i actually to be honest with you i've been a virgin till about 2 months before my 18th birthday! Now with me graduating i don't feel so bad of the fact that i'm pregnant or might be. yeah its gunna be hard but if i have the right people by my side i'll make it through with a smile on my face =]


m.oreo.27 - May 7

I think youll be able to get through this you sound strong! :) could your boyfriend get you a test? if you are pregnant would you rather it be a girl or boy? and wow your sister is strong to have all of that happen. but 4 kids! she must be happy with kids! to be honest with you i am 14 and am already not a virgin. i wish i had waited. it really want that good...for me. i think this would be a good time to have a baby for you because your just now graduating so you wouldnt have to deal with the drama at school.


Advice Girl - May 9

heyy lol i juss read one of the old messages so regard that question i asked you lol, sorry blonde moment. and hey there's nothing wrong with wanting a baby at your age member i was 13 when i wanted kids. my sister is actually pregnant with #5! love -Harris Family-


m.oreo.27 - May 9

wait im confused. lol are you pregnant?????? and yes im expecting a baby.


Advice Girl - May 15

Hey sorry for the long reply i've had a really long hard week and i haven't gotten a chance to do anything =(...sadly no i'm not pregnant i took a test and it was negative but that was juss the day before i started bleeding =( so yeah but it's all good we'll try again sometime in the future...how are you doing? Love Always -Harris Family-


m.oreo.27 - May 15

awh im sorry. im good im alittle over a month pregnant. so far everything is good. i still havent told my mom... but i will get to it sooner then later



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