18, Pregnant, Move Out

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Liliana_ - March 13

Im 18 & pregnant I graduate in May , I'm 5 weeks Me and my bf have been together for two years. I haven't told my mom but I want to move out as soon as graduation , she says we'll see? My bf and I both have jobs, he makes a lot more than I do, also he's already graduated and we  are currently saving up. I am going to college recently got an acceptance letter also have a scholarship. No matter what happens I'm going to finish school. I have my head screwed on correctly. Anyways I really want move out , I stay with my mom, granny, & grandad and I'm not trying to hear negativity about being pregnant, my grandad is a drunk and says really hurtful things to everyone in the house not getting into detail ( verbal abuse) , me and my bc are very excited and have had serious conversations about our plans numerous times. We definitely decided we're gonna do whatever it takes to raise our baby ! Can my mom keep me from moving out?? I don't wanna burn bridges but I've already told her about moving out don't really wanna tell her about me being pregnant yet, not anyone, I'm just about ready to just get my stuff after I graduate And dip bad terms or not.


Grandpa Viv - March 13

Exciting times, Liliana! So sorry about the present home life. That can be really draining.

Once you are 18 you are emancipated and free to go your own way. Your mom can only throw road blocks in the sense of who owns what - smartphone, computer, TV etc. I hope you and the boyfriend have run the numbers on independent living. You probably have enough saved for the first month of rent and security deposit, hooking up gas, electricity and cable, purchase of furniture, electronics, appliances - about $3,000 minimum. How about transportation - does he have wheels? Do you like shopping at Goodwill and the Salvation Army?

Then you have to think of monthly expense - rent, utilities, food, transportation, babysitting, diapers, entertainment. You may be able to tap in to WIC and food stamps, medicaid all depending on his income. Does he have medical insurance for self and spouse at his job? If your joint income will be in the $2,500 per month range you will be at the 125% of poverty level for 2016 family of three.

You will probably have to pass up that college scholarship! Raising a baby the first year is incredibly draining - not enough sleep for a starter.

Your mom will be your biggest resource in these times if you can manage to maintain a decent relationship. She will be more likely to pitch in if you tell her about the pregnancy now rather than at six months. Best of luck!


Liliana_ - March 14

Thanks for replying and the great Advice will definitely take notes ! And yes I do agree about telling her earlier cause I feel she would help. Just don't want her to be upset with my decision. & yes he has a vehicle! (: 



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