18 Single And Pregnant

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Abagail - December 27

I live with my father, and have since I was a baby. I am unsure of how to tell him that I am pregnant. An ex of mine and I hooked up 2 weeks ago and decided to have s_x. We did used protection, but the condom broke. I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant! I do love children, and babysit really well. I would like to keep the child...though I know that it will be hard. I don't believe in abortion, and I am still unsure about adoption. I already told my best friend, she was the one who took me to go get the test done. But I really don't know how I am going to tell my dad. PLEASE HELP!


Abagail - December 27

we did use* protection...sorry typo.


sarah - December 27

i just wanted to say goodluck and hope it works out better for you then it did for me :( i am 15 and had a miscarriage before i even had the chance to actually tell my parents :( i just wanted to say to really really take care of yourself and dont strain yourself and just rest as much as possible... ill be praying for you and your new little baby :)... well hope all goes well...


Abagail - December 27

Thanks Sarah. I am sorry to hear about your miscarrage.... I am really excited about this, yet scared. I still have not told my dad, and still kind unsure about how to tell him. So far everything is going ok. I got signed up to prenatal care & cla__ses. I went to my Dr. this morning...luckily I was able to get one so quick, and she started me on prenantal vitamins. So I sure hope that things go well (at least health wise at this point). I know that God blessed me with this pregnancy for a reason so I am going to be taking good care of myself for this baby...i hope that it is a girl!


Leslie2005 - December 27

I honestly can't tell you what to do becuase I've never been in that situation. I just turned 18 myself and I'm still a virgin. I know several teen moms....three of whom I went to school with, but telling your father will be hard. Can you talk to him about things very easily? You don't really have to tell him since you're legally an adult, which also means that you can make the decision about your child...you could wait until after the baby is born to tell him and then say you didn't know how to tell him about his grandparenthood, but I don't know...that' s just an idea.


To: Agagial - December 27

What the heck were you doing fooling around with your ex in the first place? That was stupid if you ask me...


Grandpa Viv - December 27

Could you just leave the Pre-Natal vitamins on the kitchen table? I like the idea of one of those "Congratulations!" cards and write a message inside saying "You're going to be a Grandpa". There's something quite appealing in the tought of the genes being carried into yet another generation. Good luck!


Abagail - December 27

Thanks Grandpa Viv. That is a good idea I will try that. I just hope he is more happy for me then mad...though yes I know he can not force me to do anything because I am 18 but I still live with him, he may try to kick me out. I will keep you updated. Thanks for the advice. To Leslie2005 I want to thank you for your advice too. well gotta go have to do the dishes. Thanks again you guys. bye.


jenn - December 27

well im 21 and had to tell my grandma(she is my guardian) that i was pregnant due to complications she was kinda depressed and mad at first but now she is more excited then i am. she even bought me maternity clothes for x-mas. she is so excited to join me at my next ultrasound.... however you do it good luck


Abagial - December 27

Thanks Jenn! Congrats with your pregnancy too.


Abagail - December 29

Well I told my father today that I was pregnant. He was a little upset and furious at first, but after talking about it for a while he kinda calmed down. he is glad that I already started getting the medical attention that I need at this point in the pregnancy...I guess it is just luck that I have been very interrested in pregnancy and birth since my old friend (a year older than me) got pregnant when I was 16. Well I just thought I would come on here and let everyone know that I finally told my dad the news. It was actually wierd how the convo started... I asked him if he loved babies..which I know he does...and he said "I like them yes, why are you having one?" then one rough convo turned and ended smoothly! Thanks everyone for your advice. I will keep you posted as much as I can


Leslie2005 - December 29

That is strange but awesome! Good luck with your little one Abby! :)


jenn - December 29

im really happy that it went well for you abby congrats and have fun..... the first trimester sucks


Abagail - December 30

Jenn, I hope that the first is not too bad, I was told the first trimester sucks before...but I have been told the 3rd does...but I guess it just depends on the person. Well anyhow things are still going pretty smooth....well smoother than I thought that they would go...I'll keep you updated...well bye


Congrats - December 30

I was 17 when i fell preg,i was living with my dad,when i told him,he went mad and said that a baby would never live in his house,after that we still had a great bond but the baby never got mentioned,i got myself on the housing list and when i was 5months i got a house,i didnt move into it though till my baby was born.I too wasnt with the father-he didnt want to know once i told him i was pregnant.My daughter-tamsin is 8now,gets on really well with my dad,i still live in the house i got when i was pregnant and am still single but my daughter is gorgeous.Has your dad mentioned about where you will live once the baby is born?it might be a good idea to broach the subject,the sooner you get your name on the housing the better house you will get.Donna


Abagail - December 30

I have talked to my dad, and we talked to our landlord and as of now I will be staying right where I am. I will be moving out on my own to raise her on my own one of these days, but my dad offered to help for the first years. Cause he was only 22 when I was born so he knows how hard it is to be young and a parent. Well anyhow, my grandmother just found out today and she was kinda mad but excited at the same time. Thanks for you post.


Karrie - January 5

Abagail, my dad had turned 20 just a few months before I was born. I don't have any biological children yet, one God-Daughter who is almost 4 though. I wish you all the best in this rough time, the pregnancy, birth, and caring for your bundle of joy. I know your probably thinking "well how would you know it's a rough time if youv'e never been pregnant, and don't have any biological children?" There is this 29 year old women I used to hang out with who has an 8 year old, 3 year old, and 7 month old (all girls) and one on the way. She is single, and when I was friends with her, I helped out with the children as much as I could. The baby was only 4 months at the time and I used to take her over night for like 3 nights in a row. The reason that I am not friends with her anymore is because she has these 3 beautiful girls and one baby one the way, all different fathers, and she was doing drugs, AND she kept farming her children out whenever she "felt sick". Me and the 7 month's old father's girlfriend both called CPS on her for what she was doing. But things are getting better for her...anyhow...before I blab my "typing" too much longer I am going to stop. Again I wish you the best of luck! God Bless!



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