18 With 1yr Old And Preg Again Please Read

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o0sk8ie0o - May 8

I don't have a question but i just wanted to write about myself and try and make some friends. i'm 18 fixing to be 19 i have a little girl who is 1 and am preg. again due in sept. i find out tomorrow what it is! please anyone who wants an online friend please email me at [email protected]


gin - May 12

You sound like you need a little support. Did you find out what you're having? How are you holding up?


d.ashly - May 25

i am 18, 19 in oct, and i have a 10 month old. i think i may be preg again....figured we'd have some things in common. my daughter is terminally ill but is doing really well.........so r u excited about having another baby?


angie - May 26

i am 21 with a 1 yr old and i am preg. again. i am very excited about it. hope all goes well for you and congrats


aubie22 - May 26

I didn't have my boys at a young age like you, but they are close together (18 months) and I remember being so upset when I found out I was pregnant again so early, but once the baby was born all fell into place. I am not going to lie and say it was easy. Things were hectic but we made it, I look back now and have fond memories. Good luck! I now have three boys 12,10, and 2 and we are looking to adopt a girl soon (can't have any more children) Enjoy your children! they grow up to fast


rachel - June 16

i was in the same situation. had no friends. felt left out, but despite all of that i had another baby.


jennifer - July 3

I had my first baby when i was 17 got married when i was 19 and now i'm expecting my second baby due in november. you can e-mail me sometime at [email protected]


to d.ashly - July 3

Did you ever find out if you are pregnant again. How is your baby?


megan - August 20

16 got preggo. 17 had son...17 got preggo...18 had daughter...18 got preggo...19 still preggo. im due oct 23rd. i added u to my msn list. [email protected]om yes all my kids have same dad and i am married to him.


meghan - August 20

im 18 and expecting my first maybe we can chat and give each other advice



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