18 Year Olds Or Turning 18

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Bebita_Linda - February 19

Any 18 years old preggo and or trying - explain your experiences


maren - February 19

well im 19 and 21 weeks pregnant what exaly do you want explained.


ashchik - February 20

im turning 18 this yr and am currently 19weeks


Bebita_Linda - February 20

how you feel and did u want to get pregnant are u happy was it unplanned and his ur partner hapy


maren - February 20

i would have to say that i feel pretty d__n good, i didnt really want to get pregnant it wasnt anything i was really thinking about doing just preventing, i was on the pill. but i went one month with out getting it which is normal if your on the pill and by the end of the second month when i was suposed to get my period i just knew i was pregnant and had to take the test to know for sure lol my boyfriend called to wake me up and ask if i was bleeding yet, so we pretty much found out at the same time. We both were so excited i almost think he was more excited than me for awhile. right now we both are really happy and excited and cant wait to meet our child!!


mickey87 - February 25

turning 19 this year and due in a week:P i wasnt trying to get pregnant ,was on the pill it got messed up and well here i am:P i wasnt sure about the whole thing when i first got pregant, was real scared but now i just wanna meet my baby boy:D cant wait


k - February 28

im 18 and i just lost a bay back in december ! me and my bf have benn trying 4 another and now ma periods are 3 days late!


Bebita_Linda - February 28

i was 3 days late to but then i got sum bleeding but little GOOD Luck K


krystle - March 1

im 18 and 10 weeks pregnant i am happy but my mother is not at all she even kicked me out but i am good i live with my babys father. So i mean this is all new for me and this is my first pregnancy i hate the morning sickness though


Bebita_Linda - March 1

good luck to you krystal u should be happy no matter what



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