18yrs Old 27 Weeks Pregnant CANT WAIT

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Rebecca x - July 19

Hi, im 18yrs old and 27 weeks pregnant and i just cant wait, is it normal to be this excited? people keep telling me that once my baby girl is born i wont be in such high spirits, is it really that bad? i for 1, cant imagine not enjoying caring for my little girl :)


helpful - July 19

Its normal!!!! I have two kids. I had one at 20 and the other at 28. I felt the same way with both pregnancies. You are 18 years old and about to be a mom. Safe money( you never know) Make sure you start getting ready for the baby. I hope you continue to be in high spirits!!!!! Congrats Sweetie!!!!!


rebecca x - July 19

thanks :) just cant wait to meet my little princess now hehe!


helpful - July 19

I was 20 years old when I was pregnant with my first son. People( Family) would make comments about me being too young and married. These same people wasn't good parents. I honestly think these people was jealous b/c I was happy. My husband and I was excited and happy. I never had to ask for a thing. I love both of my boys. It is better to be happy and to be mentally ready for your baby. You sound like you are. Enjoy your princess!!! Babies grow fast....Please get ready for the baby. You never know what could happen. Keep your head up.


Rach - July 19

i think its wrong for people to be telling you that, im sure you already have a few worrys of your own without people adding to them. im 33 weeks pregnant and sometimes have a bit of anxiety because i love this baby so much i want to do everything right!!just keep your head up, but if you ever do start to feel sad or angry make sure you speak to your midwife..dont bottle it up.it is normal for people to have "post-natal depression", so dont feel awkward in mentioning it. But for now you should tell those people exactly what you told us..dont let them get you down ...good luck xx



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