19 And Confused

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Jamie - December 19

My boyfriend and I never use protection except the pill..we should be using condoms or something but never have (don't use me as a role modle that's for sure).The last time that we had s_x was November 12th and haven't done anything since that because we are taking a break from seeing eachother and have been since th 22nd..I got my period the 25th and it was normal..now this month I thought I started my period..it didn't look normal because it was just a tad bit brown but enough to think I started so I never thought anything of it.The next day it's usually normal and enough to wear a pad but this time it was the same as the day before,almost like I hadn't started at all..my third days are usually the worst but this time there was only a faint bit of pink and that's it.I've had this weird craving for pickles on my pizza..I've been getting more headahces than usual,I'm so tierd no matter how much sleep I get,I get hungry in the mornings (which never usually happens) but I feel like if I eat I'm going to throw up.I don't know what to think.


Grandpa Viv - December 19

Weird. If your Nov period was originally due the 25th or a day or two later, then unprotected on Nov 12 would have been on target for getting pregnant. You would think a normal Nov period precluded that possibility, but your signs right now suggest that may not be correct. Fatigue, appet_te changes, cravings, headaches are symptomatic. Other things like upset gut, discharge, peeing, emotional you do not mention. Take a home test later today after holding your pee as long as you can (several hours) and let us know what it says. Good luck!


Grandpa Viv - December 19

Reading your post again, I see that you have been on the pill, which reduces the chance of pregnancy dramatically, if you have been taking it religiously. Maybe you stopped after breaking up, and you are now experiencing pill withdrawal signs? Just a thought. Take a test anyway.


Jamie - December 19

I didn't mention the discharge,peeing or being b___hy one min,sad the next and incredably hyper the next in my first post because it was getting a bit long.I think I might go to a clenic tomorrow.I sometimes forget to take my pill and have to take two in one day and most of the time...pretty much every day I take my pill at a different time because I forget.It's hard when I'm at work from 5pm-12am..I take my pill around 10 on my break but sometimes I forget and winde up taking it later.


Jamie - December 20

Ok,now there is more blood today..I really don't know what's going on...It's more than the last time.I'm going to a clenic today.


Jamie - December 21

Ok,the bleeding stoped AGAIN.I didn't go to the clinic yesterday because 1.My friend said they probably wont do a test if I am bleeding..and 2.I had to be home to get ready for work.The bleeding could be implantation bleeding.I was talking to a friend that I work with who my age,has a son and just found out she's preg again (If I am preg we would be due the same month pretty close together) and she said that I'm having a lot of the signs that she had with both pregnancies.I don't know if I should wait because this could all just be in my mind or if I should go ahead and take the test even though it is so close to Christmas...Someone please help me.


Grandpa Viv - December 21

Jamie, go buy a home pee test at the drug store, Walmart or the Dollar Store (ask the cashier) and check yourself out. There will be plenty of time later to go to the clinic or the doc for prenatal care. Visit www.ppowb.org/gv/ for more. Good lcuk!


Jamie - December 22

I don't even know if I am anymore.I started bleeding again and this time it looks normal.I did buy a test that has two in them.I bought them before work..I left the bag in my car and now they aren't there..I think my friend Ed accidently took them when I took him home last night.I don't know but they aren't there anymore.If I do find them,I'll take them and let you know but It will probably be negitive but then again some people have their periods while they're preg.


Jamie - December 28

I took at test the 26th and it was negitive but I still feel weird.When should I redo the test?I want to do it now but I don't want it to be too early and get a wrong answer.


Grandpa Viv - December 28

You should be able to get a positive by now with no problem. It is very unlikely that you are pregnant, but it might be time to visit the gynecologist or prescribing doctor to find out why you are feeling weird. Take your second test next weekend to be sure. Figure out some better method of birth control before you resume the relationship with the boyfriend - NuvaRing is something you only have to remember once a month. Good luck!


Jamie - January 1

Well Craig and I broke up..We were going to try to work things out but he started ignoreing my calls and text messages so I said whatever.I started that light bleeding again today.I don't understand what's going on.I think I'll take another test.I've been told too that it may take awhile to get a positive if I'm pregnant..Mom kept getting negitives right up until she was just about 2 months.I find that weird.Anyways,I'll take another test and keep ya informed.P.S Happy New Year.


courtney - January 1

jamie, im 18 and 2 days over due :oP but thats what happened to me wen i get pregnant, wen t came time to get my period. it was brownish, very light, and they bleeding came and went. they will do a test for u at a clinic. they hormone definetly varies with people. a friend of mine was visibly pregnant, and still a - test!! it was weird. take the test right when u get up in the morning, ur first pee of the day. good luck to u, and keep us posted!!


Jamie - January 1

Thank you Courtney.Last month after that light bleeding more bleeding happend and it almost looked like a normal period.Now that light stuff is back as of today.My stomache looks slightly bigger but not much.I will keep you posted.



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