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Cassie06 - May 6

I am about 27 weeks pregnant, and I am just so depressed and stressed over everything. Money is such a big issue right now, and we just dont seem to have enough. We have rent and other bills coming up this week and no way to pay them, my husband usually makes good money but they just havent needed him this week (which figures since this is the week we need money!) Not to mention we have tons of birthdays, anniversaries, showers, and other holidays in the next few weeks I need to buy gifts for. This irritates me, and then on top of that you would think he would try to do something to help this week since I am in finals and he knows I am stressed. But instead of doing anything useful, he sleeps till 1 p.m. then gets up and goes down to his moms and works on his brothers mustang with him. I have had to study for finals, plus clean the house and cook and worry about the bills. I figured he would at least try to find some way to make some extra cash (mow grass or something!!) or help around the house. I am just so irritated. I have exams on Tues and Wed and am seriously considering leaving when I get out of class. I might go visit some family that is a few hours away, or just go anywhere but here. I just feel like it is hopeless and I dont see any end in sight. Is this just the hormones? How would you handle this??


SerineMali - May 7

Hey you, Take care of yourself and the baby right now. Money is so evil! I hate how it causes so many problems for so many families. What I can say to you is take time to study for your finals because it's important that you graduate then take a little trip for a while. If you sit at home and think about all your problems over and over you wont be able to get a restful night's sleep or you might even stop eating right. Don't do that to yourself because you're already doing so many good things. To make you feel better, my DH is the same. He plays this game on the computer literally all day sometimes. I clean everything in the house and cook and then I have to pick up after him sometimes. ALthough he ends up apologizing, I know how irritating it can be when you try to do everything and the other person's being a A hole about it all. You know what you deserve better, I say take a trip and go see family and let him handle everything for once. I'm sure he's afraid to, and working on the mustang is probably his escape for not having money. Have you thought of asking your parents or taking out a loan? Let me know what happens... this seems to be really bothering you... Good luck to you... keep me updated.... My name's Serine :+)


frankschick2001 - May 8

You need to stop considering running away. If you want to be a mature adult, then you need to face the problems you have. Can you work? If your man is that bad, then leave him. I would never cook or clean up after a man who did nothing!


Grandpa Viv - May 8

Your friends and relatives will understand if you don't buy gifts this year, though reciprocating to those who threw your shower is advisable. Go to your room and study for finals. Tell your man where the bread, b___ter and broom are kept. When finals are over and he is back at work, things will look a lot better. Good luck!


Ca__sie06 - May 8

hi everyone!! Thanks so much for your advice. When my husband got home, I sat him down and told him everything I was feeling. He said he was very sorry and not to worry that we would figure it all out. Today I came home from an exam review and he had cleaned the apartment and got me roses and chinese food and went to a few interviews to see about getting a new job. Everything is not better yet, but I am feeling a little bit better. I sold a few of my textbooks from last semester and have listed a few things on ebay, and I am going to check with a few day cares around here and see if anyone needs some part time help until the baby is born. Oh, and I got A's on the 3 finals I have taken so far, and only have 2 more to go!! :)


Tasha - bump - May 11

Hey glad to hear you got things sorted but make sure he sticks to it sweetie happy couple happy baby!!!



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