19 And Pregnant With My 2nd Child

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Lisa - September 12

I've got a 7 month old baby and I've just found out that I am 2 months pregnant. I was on the pill but I did have a course of antibiotics for an infection about 3 months ago. Could that have had an effect? My husband and I really do not want another baby. The 1st one wasn't planned ever but we were younger and more careless then. We are both very against abortion. I just don't know what to do. Things were just starting to settle down after the last baby. I have a part time job during the day whilst my mom looks after the baby and my husband has a full time job. We just about manage to get by at the moment and another baby would ruin everything. I feel so guilty even thinking about abortion. What should I do? I can't tell my mom as she is highly religous.


jade - September 3

i was 19 when i had my first son and he was 7 months when i got pregnant again. now my sons are 2 1/2 and 1. they are so good together. im not saying you should keep yours but if you do consider it it would be so nice. they are close in age and they are just wonderful. but if you can't manage living now (i mean financially) then maybe you should give it up for adoption. im a stay at home mommy so it is easy for me to say to keep it but i would not reccomend abortion to anyone. and your mother shouldn't flip out, you are married! good luck!


Katie - September 3

Have an abortion


jade - September 5

i am 22 with 2 kids...what does that make me? my kids are well taken care of!





u r a stupid girl - September 5

you have a 7 month old d__n kid, your a s___t obviously if you can't use contraception which you obviously can't. what the hell is it with you people having so many kids so young. by the time your 30 you'll prob have 10 kids


Lisa - September 6

Did any of you actually read my story? Obviously not, because my husband and I DO have jobs, we do not live off the state. I am MARRIED and have only ever had s_x with my husband, so I am certainely not a s___t. I WAS using contraception, I was on the pill and it failed. So STOP taring me with the same brush as these girls who sleep with anyone and don't use protection, ok? I was looking for advice and opinions from people, not a horrid of abuse telling me I'm a s___t. Thanks a lot.


Jayda - September 6

Hi Lisa, you don't have to defend yourself to these morons, they are just wind up merchants who are getting really boring. They say the same thing to everybody. They don't know simple facts about contraception and they don't even read your message, they just pick out your age and how many kids you have got then call you a s___t no matter what. Just ignore the brain-dead wasters. Yes, the course of antibiotics could very well have been the cause as it does stop the pill working. Did the doctor explain that you should use extra protection whilst taking them? Obviously no help to you now though. I was in a similar situation, thought everything was perfect and then I fell pregnant unexpectedly. Me and my husband talked it through. We thought about abortion, but not seriously. I suppose I had the instinct that I couldn't get rid of my child. This of course is entirely up to you if you feel you could go through with it. Everything worked out ok for me in the end, although we had to put a lot of things on hold for a while. But it really is a blessing in disguise because your baby is worth it and I wondered what I was worried about. Good luck in whatever you decide and you can get through this.


Lisa - September 9

Thanks Jayda. I just can't believe that people don't even bother to read about your situation and just jump in asuming that you sleep around and don't use protection. After thinking carefully and talking to my husband we have decided to have this baby. I was being selfish, only thinking of myself and wanting to opt for the easier life. Although being 20 and having 2 kids is not ideal, at least I am happily married, with lots of family around me and it will be nice to have 2 kids around the same age. Just looking at my baby I can't believe I've considered getting rid of the one growing inside of me. Thanks for your help.


yuck - September 11

gross 2 kids at 19.poor things i bet they don't have the same dad


Jayda - September 12

Hi Lisa. Well done and congratulations! You won't regret it once you see your little baby! Whatever you do don't feel guilty about considering abortion. It's an option that is open to all unplanned pregnancies and you have every right to think about it no matter whatever anyone says. The kids on here very rarely actually read about peoples situations. There are kids on here for a joke and think they are being clever telling mums they are s___ts when really they are either the ones shagging around or they aren't getting any. Just don't read them because you have nothing to be ashamed of. Anyway, gonna have to get my two to bed. It's a late night for them today because we've had a day out! Good luck xx


jade - September 16

congratulations on your decision to keep the baby! it will be hard to manage two kids, i know. but in the end since they are so close in age it will be wonderful. my kids are close to each other and they are so comical together. good luck!



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