19 Pregnant Found Out Two Days Ago Scared

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erica - April 9

Ok so the day afte rmy birthday on Apr. 7 I went into the guyno for a pap and to see what was going on because i hadnt had my period for over four months, i thought it was because i was just stressing so bad and i had lost a lot of weight. Well boy was i wrong, i found out after an ultra sound that i was 16 weeks pregnant. Abortion isnt even a thought anymore after seeing that little body and hearing the heartbeat, my boyfriend is being so supportive and wants to do whatever we can to do this right. I still havent told my parents im planning on doing it this weekend, im scared dont know what to say or even how to start. I am graduationg in two months so at least i will be done in hs before its born, the boyfriend is finishing his first year in college and were not even sure how to go about anything. anyone with experience please any advice on anything to do with this would help out so much.. Experiences, telling the parents, body changes, anything. thanks.


anonymous - April 9

hi erica i feel for you, i am going through the same thing except im 17 and have not had a test done but i am pretty sure im pregnant, i have to tell my parents this weekend as well so i can go to a doctor, im scared as hell also maybe we can comfort each other? do you have an e-mail?


katie - April 9

ok im14 and 31wks pregnant and my bf is still wit me too..u r lucky to still hav the guy wit u cause loads of them run or just dnt want anythin to do wit it so aleast ur goin hav support from him.now tellin ur parents tht is one of the worst things and i no from experience but it has to b done sometime espically wen ur 16wks because u sud already b showin a bit.the way i told my parents was i left clues and stuff round the house and then we talked for a while wen they had there suspicions.they wanted me to hav an abortion but i told them no and they r now wit me and bein really supportive but there is no easy way to tell them so gd luck and take care any more questions just ask okies xxx katie


lisa - April 9

congarats on your pregnancy...i am a mom of 3 and i got pregnant at 18 with the my first. my family and his was very supportive for the most part. You found out so late....did they tell you the s_x? if you have any questions just ask.


erica - April 10

hey thanks for your support, you dont even know. my email is [email protected] if you wanna talk back and forth or have any questions.and just to let ya know, i told my mom and my b.f told his parents and both were more than supportive. thanks again


Nikki - April 27

I am 19 and just found out I am 6 weeks pregnant. I know how you feel. Don't worry you are not alone. My boyfriend is also very supportive, which is very nice. You are lucky you have a great guy, some aren't so great. Telling my parents was the hardest thing to do, but afterwards I had never felt so relieved and de-stressed in my life. I know it is hard but trust me you will feel a 100x better!!! Gook Luck


*Amber - April 27

aww congrats! When I told my parents they were mad at first, but they have seemed to adjust to it, and my mom is even getting excited. I can't keep her out of the stores. I am 17, and 14 weeks pregnant. If you want to talk.. or anyone wants to talk you can email me at: [email protected]


Payne - April 27

you will feel so much better after you tell your parents. i was pregnant back in aug. told my parents and a week later had a miscarriage. now i'm 10weeks and was even more scared to tell them. my boyfriend had to make me tell them. but now my moms already trying to pick out names and both parents can't wait to find out what it is so they can start shopping. Good luck. don't be scared.


Melissa - April 27

I got pregant with my son when I was 18 and my bf was 16. I did not marry him right away because I do not believe it will last if you marry just because of a baby. I was already graduated, but my bf was not. He was only a junior in hs. He went to school and I kept working, his senior year, we got our house and married over two years later. You can do it. I told my mom and let her tell my dad. We did not tell my husbands parents till I was over 6 months. I started showing around 2 1/2 months and just quit going around them. We were really suprised when they found out, they wanted me and the baby to move in with them and even started fixing up a room for us. Your parent might be upset at fist, but they will get over the shock. You can buy a nice card and put a preggo test in it, then leave it on the counter for them to find. Good luck and Let us know how things go.


shannon - April 28

Hey I'm 19 to an I'm 20 weeks pregnant. Wow you found out late. When I told my mom she wa so p__sed but like a day or to later after the shock wore off she was excited. I don't know how strict your parents are but I'm sure they will understand. Do you have any symtoms or anything. Do your parents have any clue at all write back. [email protected]


angel - April 28

i no its more but think about how you tld your mum when u started your periods .... yes it will b mor difficalt but shes your mum she will love you for what ever you do!



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