19 Years Old Need Serious Help

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anon14x - October 2

Whoever reads this post, please help as best as you can and give me any information -- this story will be semi long, and what i need to know is when was my probable dates for ovulation, when did i most likely conceive, and who most likely is the baby's father. Ive been with my boyfriend for about 3 and a half years, in the beginning of this year we decided we would start trying to have a baby. We have unprotected s_x probably 2 times at the least to 3 or 4 times at most a week. My last date of my period was March 9th, 2007, and from past history my cycle usually lasts between 31-34 days, 35 at MOST but usually that never happens. However, on the night of April 1st 2007 i had unprotected s_x once with a guy who i had recently met, and now im unsure of who my babys father is. Im not sure if this matters, but the guy who i had the one night stand with drinks and smokes constantly, not just cigarettes but sometimes weed and i didnt know if this mattered. My boyfriend never smoked anything or drank anything in his life. I found out i was pregnant on April 10th or 11th, and according to my ultrasound my due date is December 13th. Im scared to death of having a DNA test done, because i dont want the other guy to be the baby's father, nor do i want to ruin anything with my current boyfriend/future husband. so who is most likely the babys father?? and how much of a chance is there that the other man is the babys father? when were my probable dates of conception? and when did i most likely ovulate?


LoveMyAngel - October 2

Maybe you shouldn't have cheated on your boyfriend and then you would know. YUK!!


KaseyA - October 2

She didn't ask for your criticism. just answer her questions or move along. Anywho you can find conception date calculators online. You just type in the date of your last period and cycle length. Then it calculates your date of conception.


erenimi - October 2

Have you had your pregnancy dated? that could help tell. With the dates you gave it looks like it could be either person.


inuk-mama - October 2

Well from the due date calenders on the web it looks like you conceived on March 22nd. So it is close, but leaning more towards your boyfriend.


lunamoo - October 2

DNA DNA DNA DNA. You need to be honest with your "future husband". Your child also deserves to know who her/his father is and this other guy also deserves to know if he is a father. From now on, it can't be all about you and your needs, there are 3 other lives directly concerned in this scenario.


LoveMyAngel - October 2

I don't care if she needed my criticism or not. Nowhere on this site does it say I am not allowed to post wherever I want about whatever. She is the one that cheated, she shouldn't have, it's disgusting and it was d__n selfish, and the worst part is she was TRYING for a child with her boyfriend, when she can't even be faithful. Y U K.


sarah21 - October 2

The sooner you get a DNA test, the better. You need to be honest with everyone involved-- that's what's fair. I know it's hard but it makes everything better in the long run.


ChattyKathy - October 2

For a 34 day cycle, your ovulation date would have been expected to be around March 29th. Considering you probably ovulated sooner than (based on 34 days being an unaverage cycle and Dec 13th being your due date) I am leaning towards the father being your boyfriend. However, ultrasound measurements can be up to two weeks wrong so you need to get that testing done just incase. If he really wants to be your husband someday, you need t get through this together.


kay101 - October 2

April 1st would have PROBABLY been too late into your cycle, but you could have possibly ovulated late. Obviously with the number of times you had s_x with your boyfriend he would be a more probably candidate. Did the other man at least pull out? If so, I would say the chances of your boyfriend being the father increases greatly. You will always know of the possibility. I HIGHLY suggest being honest about this with your boyfriend, and whether you tell him the truth or not, you NEED to get a dna test done. I'm not condoning going about things this way, but if you aren't able to tell him, you can have the other man tested when the baby gets here. If the dna test comes back negative, then obviously your boyfriend would have to be the father. I believe dna tests run around $400 and it is deffinately worth knowing for sure your boyfriend is the father and not have that aweful secret and that not 100% sure feeling.


KaseyA - October 2

LoveMyAngel shut your face already. Aren't you the one who got knocked up by some guy while you're in the middle of a divorce? Everyone has something that could be judged, but there is no need to do that c___p here. Be supportive or kick rocks.


kay101 - October 2

The girl asked a question not for an opinion. Obviously she knows what she did was wrong. I'm sure everyone on this forum has made decesions in their lives that seemed a bit uneducated. She's human and made a mistake, now it's up to her what she does to fix that error. Men refer and look at many women today as "s___ts" and "whores" and by using these terms in reguard to each other, we only encourage their mistreatment of us even more. If we can't even show fellow women respect, why should they?


KaseyA - October 2

Amen Kay101.


SaraH - October 3

It's probably your bf's but if your cycle was longer this time (like the 34 - 35 days) it's possible that it could be the other guy. It's probably not but it's not impossible. You need to get a DNA test. This isn't about you. It's about the baby it's right to know who it's father is, and the fact that your bf and the other guy also desirve to know if they have a child (or that it's not their child). If you are going to marrie the guy you need to be honest w/ him. Going into a marriage w/ lies, especially on something that is the large, will only hurt you both and your child in the end, and if you can't be honest now before you're married how do you think it will work after you're married. You need a DNA test. It's probably his but you need to be sure. Good luck.


kendra.marie - October 3

this is terrible im sorry this happened to you things happen & its okya hunii don't listen to the criticisms on here people are so very unselfishly rude & then they call you names because they are to ignorant to be polite & help out. from the signs your baby's father would most likely be your boyfriend, its also very best to get a DNA test for future references, does your boyfriend no about this other guy & if not how could you let him go on think its baby when there is a small chance its not. its best to be honest especially if you want to marry him so day. honesty is the way to go if its love your boyfriend & you will be 100 fine & things will work out. no worries =] try to Google ovulate date. =] or conception calculator it should pop some up to use try that and see if all else fails


angel_on_earth - October 3

You're terribly sorry this happened to her? Like she was hit by a car? How can you be sorry this "happened" to her...she chose this to happen to her. If you aren't prepared for the consequences of you actions then use your brain. Jeez...people are so complacent and naive on this site honestly! Here's a tip keep your legs closed.


KaseyA - October 3

Angel on earth, please stick to b__w jobs, lord knows the world has enough cynical b___ds in the world.



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