1 Cm Dialated

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LaDusta - December 29

I am 18, graduated last year from high school, married, and I found out Monday that I am 1 cm. dialated with my first child..(Oh and my due date it like 3 days away) ... and now that it is wednesday, what could I do to speed up the process? I feel menstral-like cramps all of the time, but I dont know when it is for real, I am a sucker when it comes to pain, and I think it all hurts.


Senita - December 29

Try going for a little walk, but don't go far! Gentle exercise can bring on labour.


Annalissa - December 29

You can go for walks but make sure some one is with you when you do. also take a bath when you are in pain an it should make you feel better. it will hurt when u give birth. you can even ask your doc. what you can do. but good luck. if you need any one to talk to feel free to email me at [email protected] good luck


t - December 30

Walk, walk, walk! The weight of your baby will help you dilate faster. And although I don't know this from experience (I had C-sections every time) All the moms I have talked to say YOU KNOW when you are in labor, even if it is the first time. Look out for your mucous plug...that's a good sign that things are progressing. And if your water breaks, congrats, they'll induce you if you still haven't gone into labor...to prevent infection. Demerol is great for pain too....:) have fun!


Karrie - December 30

Congrats! For the pain you could try squating down (I have read that it relieves lower back and abnominal pains) If you do take a bath, make sure that it is not too warm. Good Luck with your baby.


Jaz - December 30

If you haven't gone into full labour yet don't have a bath as this can slow down labour. Do it only when you feel you need to. I was told this by the midwife. I wanted a water birth but they said I couldn't get in til near to the end because the water can relax you and slow labour.


KM - January 3

walking definitely helps. if you arent leaking fluid, have s_x. the prostglandins in s____n help soften your cervix and may speed things up. these are really the only natural methods. Nipple stimulation may work too, if you can stand to do it. It will start the uterus contracting.When it is for real, you will be able to time the pains. for me they were so bad i had to hunch over while I was walking. if you are a sucker for pain, I definitely recomended demerol because it relaxes you so you can stay calm during labour, although it doesnt take away the pain. I went through 13 hrs and 4 hrs ofpushing without an epidural because there was no one available to administer it. If you can get it, my advice is do it. Labour will be SO easy with an epidural.



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