1 Year Olds Toddlers

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*~J*~ - July 7

Any experianced moms that have advice on how to raise your 1 year old in good behavior?Like should you put the baby too sleep at night and let them cry for 5-10 mins by them self.. or should you walk around with them till them fall asleep? isnt it better for them to be indepenant? if u do walk around with them ... it could b a hard habbit to break. Just any pointers on zany topic on raising your 1-2 year old will help!


LittleNurseMommy - July 7

Hey~ I'm a Mom to 2 kids, 3 1/2 & 22mo. As for whether or not to let your child cry it out(CIO) or not when putting them to bed, that's a personal choice. I'm all for it, but a lot of parents aren't. If it works for you(it will probably take at least 4 days for your child to get what's going on) then go for it! Like you said, rocking them to sleep could be a hard habit to break! If you want to talk to other teen parents & get & give advice, here's a link to a site that I know you'll enjoy: http://bbs.babycenter.com/board/baby/babyfamily/2564 Good luck!


Steph - July 7

I would suggest putting them to bed and when the crying starts, let it go for 2 minutes. Go in and rea__sure your baby, do not pick them up, just pat their back tell them you love them and that it's bed time. Then leave the room again and when the crying starts, wait five minutes...then repeat the rea__surance. Continue this method until your baby is asleep, and it should work...Good Luck...and remember not to feel badly about them crying, it is better for them to be independent and for them to know the bedtime routine. The method should only take a week or so to kick in.


s - July 8

im trying to get my 2 year old to fall asleep in his own bed....he usually falls asleep with me then i bring him in there. i tried letting him CIO the other night and my neighbors called the cops LOL! so all this week i just lay him in there with his night light on, and i put on soft music like cla__sical or something. its actually getting better. last night he was out in like 5 min.



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