20 And Wanting A Baby

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auntvicky20 - February 25

i'm 20 and i want a baby. i've wanted one for a long time now. my boyfriend and i have talked about having a baby but not right now cause he is going through a divorce. we both have steady jobs but i know that neither of us are ready. i just need something to make me not think about it for a while until we are fully ready...


lyka - February 25

wow! It's surprisingly to know that with your age, you and your boyfriend are talking already about having a baby. Well, in connection with your problem, I would suggest that you better focus on the things that would make you forget (atleast/ for a while) on having a baby. Focus on your work. Watch you favorite movies with your boyfiend. Read books, do cooking for him, surf in the internet, have your sports [layed or practiced. Well, there are a lot of things you may get busy wiyh. If not, have a vacation or a trip so that you'll be relaxed. treat yourself. That will help you, I guess. -layka


Lilly213 - February 26

Having a baby is a great joy, but please wait until the divorce is finalized. The worst that can happen is if you end up not only the other women, but a single mother. I don't know the facts, but a baby needs a family. Get married first before you start thinking of a baby. You know first comes love, then comes marriage...I don't know if your trying to find a way to keep him but be wise. Your a smart girl you know what is right wait it out and give your baby the best a FAMILY. Best of Luck!!


kittiekitten - February 27

hi, im glad that you have come to terms within yourself and realized that neither of you are ready at this point. im not glad bc of ur age or anything just that you were honest with yourself. *i am 21 and so is my fiance. we have been ttc for almost 1.5 yrs and we have had 2 mc. * i just wish you luck and what my dad told me is just enjoy eachother for a while enjoy the time that you have w/o kids bc they will come and when they do you cant exactly take kids back and get a refund :) lol good luck and many wishes kittie


Gem - March 4

Book a holiday



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