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Maggies Question - November 1

This is a question reguarding my sister. We both may be pregnant, but while my period is late, hers was earlier around the 23 or so, and her and her bf had s_x and he came in her and now she has been on another period for 3 days. Its too ealy for a test and I'm not going to be one of those annoying am I pregnant people, but has anyone else had 2 periods then found out they were pregnant? Shes going nuts wondering lol.


ok - November 1

Hey ok i know this is not what you want to hear, I had 3 periods in one month about 2 months ago, and thought it definately meant I was pregnant. I went to the drs, urine test was neg. I had an ultrasound, and they saw nothing. My dr did a pap smear, and sent me to a specialist. It came up saying they had found pre cancerous cells in my cervix ( which were then removed) and I have to go back in a month or so for another smear. The dr also checked for infection, she say 99% of the time, other than stress or, on occasions, pregnancy, unusual periods can be from stds or other infections ( chlamydia or gonoreah) I hope this is not the case with your sister, but I would get her to have a smear done, I was lucky enough to find the cells before they became cancerous. Shey may be just fine, just make sure she takes all precautions, just in case xx


T - November 1

Maggie - If your sister is pregnant the 1st "period" she had would of been implantation bleeding and the 2nd "period" would of been spotting which is normal in pregnancy. A lot of pregnant women experience spotting around the time their period is due. However, if she isn't pregnant it could be hormonal related (she'll need to see doc about this) or a STD.


Poster ot question - November 1

Ohhhhh that's not good. I'm hoping shes preggo then. thanks for the support. She said her first was about 2 days shorter but this period is heavier than normal. I hope shes ok she my best friend. Thanks 4 respondin ok and T.


Poster - November 2

Ok well now I know I'm not i just started my period. i still have to talk to her though. :o)



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