2 Things If Anyone Can Help

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heatherlove - May 12

hey girls - i had to quick questions. 1- a while back there were a lot of questions on ovulation and someone posted a site where you put your LMP and it gives like the next 3 months when youre a little fertile and very fertile and etc. can anyone tell me what that site was? i cant seem to remember it lol 2- all the wives tales on if you do this its a girl and so on...dont seem to be true (obviously lol) but what about the ones like...if you do certain positions or whatever that it'll be a girl? is there a certain way to control what youre going to have? i'm already pregnant, but i was just curious to if those stories are true. if anyone can give me an opinion or answer to the first, it would help a lot! thanks!


corinne - May 12

babyhopes.com on the left hand side look for ovulation calender.


midnight_drift - May 12

My mother told me if you carry higher it's most likely a girl, and lower it is most likely a boy. She also said a faster heartbeat will be a girl, and a slightly slower one is a boy.(I don't really know if THAT's true)


sara b - May 12

I carried low and to the front and my baby had a slower heart rate. I still had a girl. I wish I would have tried the pencil or ring test or whatever to see what they said but the chinese calendar thing was wrong for me. One neat thing was I bought a pink teddy and a blue teddy and wrapped the pink teddy in blue paper and gave it to my baby's dad the day I had the ultrasound saying she was a girl. It was hilarious seeing him all excited over blue paper then taking a few minutes to get excited all over again about the pink bear!!!! Oh and the positions don't matter. If you have s_x like 5-7 days before your ovulation you should have a girl (female sperm live longer) and if you have s_x right around when you ovulate you should get a boy (male sperm are faster). Not always true but as close as you can get without a__sistance from science. Best wishes.


In_Denial - May 12

Does anyone know what scientificly determines the babys s_x? The sperm does...for those who don't know the combination of s_x cells for a girl is XX and the combination for boys is XY. Each of your eggs has one X chromosome and the sperm eithier has an X or a Y, which is what determines the s_x of the baby, not positions or tricks, hoped this helped some.


sara b - May 13

yes well if you read my prior post you will see that i pointed out that male (Y) sperm are faster and will reach an egg (if the woman has ovulated) sooner but die faster. Then the female (X) sperm travel up more slowly but die later so if the woman ovulates a few days after s_x she is more likely to conceive a girl. Just a hint for those that wanted to know. And yes it is scientific. Best wishes everyone.



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