2 Young For The Pill

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Mary - February 3

I looks like im am 2 young to get the pill or the shot. I have not got my period but I am a s_xual active 12 1/2 year old. I've been having s_x with my best bud for about 3 months . He's just about 14 and when we have s_x he comes inside of me. I told him it is ok as I can not get pregnant yet. I like the feel of his baby seed inside of me and the warm feeling after we have s_x so i don't want him to stop coming inside of me. I am not ready for a baby but I don't like condums as I enjoy the feel of his seed inside of me. I go to sleep wondering what it is like having a baby grow inside of you. When I am 15 I want to have a baby but now I don't not want a baby. What can I do to prevent a baby when I get my period.l\as i hate condums.


... - February 3

don't have s_x- that is the best way to prevent pregnancy. or go to your local store like target or a grocery store and look in the aisle where they have condoms, they usually have other contraceptive methods, like a clear square film looking thing that you put inside of you that helps protect, there are many others. I think that if you are too young for the pill or shot you are too young to be having s_x, please live you life to the fullest before deciding to have a baby! Stay in school!


Nat - February 4

Well I'm not convinced that this post is real! Surely no 12 year old could be talking that way .."I like to feel his seed inside me". If it is real then wow - you are just a child, what are you doing having s_x?? All I can say is if you are going to conitnue having s_x (which i would strongly recommend you dont) then you had better start using a condom (even if you dont like them) or else the consequences will be getting pregnant, adn at 12 years of age, that is sooo wrong!! Why do you say you want a baby at 15 anyway? Do you not have any dreams or ambitions? Do you not want to make something of yourself? Beleive me it will be a sad life for you, if you head that way!


J-Dawg - February 4

sorry but readin that discust me .. ur only 12 years old sweetie u have ur whole life ahead of u to have s_x


anon - February 4

They give you the pill at any age...


Grandpa Viv - February 4

Mary, you need to watch out. It is possible that you will produce an egg and get pregnant before your period ever starts (the chemistry of producing the egg is what triggers the period 2 weeks later). I know 13 year olds who were having s_x right along and got pregnant with the first egg. Since there is no way of knowing when that first egg is going to ripen, your only solution is to use condoms and foam every time. I also feel that you have started too young and are playing with fire.


me - February 4

dont be havng s_x and risking ruin your life. i was 17 when my son was born, i that it was grreat, i was ready to be a mom, but i reliazed exactly how things were going to be but it was too late. i turnd 19 (from canada) my friends were all going out to the bar and i couldn't, all im trying to say is that dont ruin your life, live as a young girl should and when you old wnough you can do the things teenagers and young women do ie the bar, with a baby you cant. don't take away the years of you childhood. many of us did


Ca__sandra - February 5

You can't be too young for the pill. Also, your 12! Don't have s_x at your age, it's not worth risking.


Ca__sandra - February 9

The dr told me he wont give me the pill until I have at least three periods. My firent told me not to woory as you cant get pregnant until after your 6th preiod. I would like to wait for babies but s_x is to fun to stop.


Hilary - February 9

You CAN get pregnant before your 6th period, what do they teach these kids? If you want a child, then don't use a condom. I hated them.. and well I got pregnant A LOT


RE:TO MARY - February 10

the fact that you are asking about this and saying you can't get preg, and that you love the warm feel inside and you don't like to use condoms tell me that you are very immature in the mind also, you then said you don't want to get preg, which is it you can or can't get preg. The fact that you are saying this should make you think long and hard and your best bud too. That at this age you are emotionally not mature enough to have s_x. I would support you if it was a dumb one time mistake but thinking it is will be easy taking care of some little one is why the youth has gone completely nuts and where are your parents.? Put this out to them if you are so mature and tell them you are having s_x and that you love his baby seed inside you, and you let me know how they take it. if they are to busy to watch you then get you a sitter you legally can not be left alone so there for you can't really be thinking you are mature enough to have s_x. I never thought I would say this to a 12 year old little girl - go play barbies and have little sleepovers with your friends and try to not be so old , get help and stop now before you end up a 12 yr old mother and ruin your young life , stop befoe it is to late and lose this guy. Who has s_x with a 12 yr old little girl anyways.


re: - February 10

This can't be legit.................... why can't you get the pill?????????? Is it because you haven't started your period?


Mary - February 26

Do you think I should do a preg test? I found one under the bathroom sink test 2 of a 2 test kit. The use by date is 01/2003. I don't think I am preg but I still let my bud come inside of we when we make love because i still haven't got my period.


Update from Mary - March 4

I started my period on Tuesday. If this happens every month I think I would rather not have it. Now I can have the pill but my bud does not want me to get it. He thinks it would be so cool for me to have a baby. He will help and get a job so we have money for the baby. I love my bud but don't want to be a 13 year old mommy. I want to be a kid before I have a baby. I told him he can not come inside me now. And he said he will pull out so that I don't need the pill. Is it ok for us to do this?


maya - March 4

u should stop. u could get pregnant or worst a s_xual transimited disease. take a pregnancy test also


2 Maya - March 4

Why do I need a pregnant test. I still having my period. So I'm not having a baby. When you don't get your period means your having a baby right. Well I'm still having my period right now.


maya - March 4

yes but some people think they have their period. it happens



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