2nd Times A Charm

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Diana_Babii - March 9

Hello every1! Ok so heres my situation im 18 and 13 weeks pregnant...me and my boyfriend have been together for a year and 2 months and plan to get married! Well back when we were first dating i got pregnant and i was so excited well i go to a small charter school and so i told one person and then the whole school found out which didnt really bother me. Everyone was happy for us i guess . well theres was only two months of school left until summer break. Well during those 3 months i had a m/c which broke my heart. i was depressed and felt like it was my fault. Well as summer ended i knew ppl were going to wonder how come i didnt look pregnant anymore and then i would have to explain. Well that exact thing happened but it was worse then i expected alot of girls were saying that i hadednt even been pregnant and i was a liar. It hurt really bad and made me more depressed. Well i got over it..and now im pregnant again and starting to show a little ...my question is do you think i should tell ppl i am pregnant or avoid it all together? I really dont want ppl to say im lying again and have to deal with ppl talking stuff while i still have like 2 months of school left! What do u think i should do? Sorry its so long!


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - March 9

Do what you feel is right, you know you aren't lying and if you tell them again they may give you a harder time saying something about how you are lying and next year you aren't going to have a baby and all that fun stuff little high school girls like to do. I say you leave it, if they ask they ask...if not then they don't need to know. But do what feels right for you. And sorry about your miscarriage...I missed carried twins in November 06...but I am 14w 1d so thats exciting. Hope all goes well for you


moescrilla - March 9

your almost out of the "scary" part...which is your first tri-mester. Thats when most miscarriages happen. You'll start to show pretty soon, so do what you feel is right. When I first got pregnant, the people who didnt like me said that I wasnt really pregnant, that I was jealous of this other girl cuz she was pregnant. (that girl and me didnt get along, and she was the one that really wasnt pregnant, but thats another story) but, 9 months later, I had a baby. Dont worry about what other people think. You'll drive yourself crazy if you do.


lil-miss-saunders - March 9

Hey Diana_Babii i know how you feel right now! This is my 3rd pregnancy, i just found out today that im pregnant! :)! With my 1st pregnancy i told a few people that i was pregnant and as you say, news travels fast and not long after everyone seemed to know, soon after that i had a miscarriage and it broke my heart having to tell everyone i had lost my baby, my second pregnancy i only told close family and unfortunately it happend again! This time im not going to tell anyone accept close family again untill im over the "safe mark"! I cant be doing with people telling me im a liar etc Wish you all the luck for the future and i hope everything goes well x



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