32nd Wk Updates Confusion Amp TIREDNESS

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Ezzie - October 25

hey everyone i wrote the other post (mum said people can have my baby) but I just wanted to start a new one as well thats all sorted now NO ONE is getting my baby. The lady in question who my mum was talking with to adopt the baby, well i spoke to her a few times and she has hounded me with emails being VERY rude to me. Good job I'd forgotten my email at the time ha. Remembered it now though, so if anyone wants to add me to msn or facebook its ezzirini at hotmail. co. uk Right so.. After LONG consideration i have got back with my boyfriend, he has actually been great this past few weeks, helping me out loads. He is now part qualified as a mechanic and is in full time work, and the pay is pretty good. He's saving like crazy for the baby, hopefully we will be able to get somewhere more permanent to live. There was some WEIRD goings on.. a week ago I had some heavy bleeding so i got checked out. They gave me a scan & the baby was fine & healthy, so as I'd been told it was a boy at my 20w i said thank go he's ok. The woman doing it looked puzzled & said I dont think you're having a boy!!! I'm like whaaaa! I dont get it. She had a closer look but the little sod started crossing their legs. But she said she didnt see any boy bits! So who knows now! I'd started buying boy stuff too :-/ ah well i'll just have to wait and see. Also I needed to ask - is it normal to be REALLY REALLY tired all the time at this stage? Its got to the point where im actually falling asleep at work (i work in a clothes shop so falling asleep at the counter is a no no) i cut down my hours after last weeks happenings but i do need to keep working as long as possible :-| When i go for my break i sit and fall asleep. When i go for food i fall asleep in cafes! WTF?! Thanks girls hope everyones good x


tish212 - October 25

ezzie...it is normal to be that tired especially since ur body was not 100% ready for this...I am 30 weeks and feel like sleeping everywhere...lol.... I am glad things are working out better for u...as long as u stay commited to making it work it will.... :) oh and I don't know what gender my baby is either... lol kept its lil legs crossed and hand in the way...


lil-miss-saunders - October 26

Hey Ezzie, i finished working not long after 32 weeks because it just got too much. Just make sure you get all the rest you can, when you can.


Tracey-uk - October 26

hi, i've been following your story since the other post and i have to say you are doing the right thing for you and your baby. i read on the other post someting about facebook. are you on it. i'd love to add you onto mine. let me know how to search for you. take it easy x


Ezzie - October 29

Hey girls thanks for your replies :) Its 11.50 and I just got up :-O This pregnancy is making me so lazy. Tish our babies obviously dont want their bits seen! lmsaunders i get how you felt now! I dont think i will be going much longer. Luckily they are being so great and letting me have frequent breaks when im there. Tracey yep i am on facebook it'd be great if u added me:) im not real good with searching :S ! my email is on this post if you wanted to do it that way, or if you are doing a search i cant see my name being real common so its probably easy, its Esrine Jacobs. So far i just a few bump pics on there :)


tish212 - October 29

I see u r up with the sun today :) I don't roll my big pregnant b___t outta bed till abou 10 am.... but this morning my lil on decided to kick and kick till I woke up... :) today I am officially 31 weeks...only 9 weeks to go! I can't wait to meet my lil one...and find out what gender... I have a mix of clothes....the nongender specfic...ya know green yellow white...and then tons of boys stuff ( all my friends/family have boys so handmedowns are all boys items) but I figure if its a girl she can wear the blue stuff at home.... glad things r going well for u! and lemme say I am so happy ur mom finally back down on the adoption thing... :)


ChattyKathy - October 29

The third trimester can bring back a lot of first trimester symptoms, morning sickness included. You're doing the best you can =)


KooKoo - November 1

well really she was bound to be angry after being promised her dreams of a baby then having it taken away by some kid! try see it from her point of view, shes a desperate woman and now she knows that the kid she could have given everything to is gonna have nothing being brought up by another kid! why bother what s_x it is gonna be you should just be thinking yourself lucky at this point


tish212 - November 1

kookoo that's a really iggnorant post....how do u know she won't be able t give her baby evrything it needs? material objects r just that objects....children need love and support ...and the first step is a loving mother...how do u know if ezzie will be a good mom or not...when I was in highschool lots of my friends had kids...and uve never seen such happy well behaved kids... some of the older people I know with kids have spoiled little brats who don't listen..and their mothers couldn't care less. so how do u know what's best for ezzie or her baby? and not to get all religious...but if she couldn't handle it god wouldn't have blessed her with a child....if ur gonna be so hateful on posts maybe u should find another website to visit...one with people more ur kind iggnorant hurtful fools.... and u can argue back or get all hateful with me I couldn't care less....don't let iggnorant people gt to u ezzie they aren't worth it....


Ezzie - November 2

Thanks Kathy :) I have had a bit of sickness, but not half as bad as it was :-O Hey tish wow you havent got long to go now! are you feeling nervous, excited, who knows what else?! im starting to get nervous about the birth now. Aww thanks, i havent seen my mum since i left and she doesnt know where im living. Im sure if she did I'd know about it, she'd be straight round here shouting and balling. You're right there, i think some of the blue stuff im just gonna use as like home clothes if it is a girl. Well who says girls cant wear blue anyway?! ive been getting yellow green and white things too :) all the pink outfits are gorgeous so i wont mind at all if its a girl! This little one is really kicking me at the moment. Cant believe theres only 6 weeks left!! I thought baby would be too squashed up to kick! this weekend will be my last at work i think, ive had enough now, and they are keeping the job for me so that will be good when we need some extra money.


Ezzie - November 2

Wow kookoo do you ever have anything positive to say?!! What makes you think i am bothered about the s_x? im bothered they got it wrong but i dont care what s_x my baby is! a healthy baby is all i want. Yeah i can understand how shes hurt but why should i give my baby who i love so much up cos i feel sorry for her? it isnt like giving a toy away you know this is MY SON or DAUGHTER we're talking about! And basically i believe she is a nutjob and not fit to bring up children. Do us a favour kookoo and go away and mind your own eh darling?! Yawwn


tish212 - November 2

I am glad things r going so well....u so almost done! oh ur so lucky...I'm glad uve gotten to distance urself from ur mother and that stress u sooooooooo don't need that. I know its prolly the worst color to buy clothes in by I love the little white outfits....the snowsuit the baby is wearing home is white fleece with little ears on the hood...its so cute....I am excited...can't wait to find out....but either way ill be happy... can't believe hateful people r jumpin all over ur post ugggg.....don't even worry with it...that woman wasn't too serious about adoption if she was doing it through the net...people who really want to adopt go through an agency so don't worry....alright gotta go I'm a bit sleepy...I was up early today for a dr appt... hugs....


Laurz - November 5

Hey Ezz! we havent spoke in a while how ya doing? Hmm you'd think they couldnt kick this far along but they do! When I was having Aimee she used to turn a lot towards the end, and it was a real weird feeling, especially when her head was engaging. Sounds strange but one of her cutest outfits was blue, it was given to us and she used to wear it in the house a lot. Cant believe they might have got it wrong, how bloody annoying! Ah well you'll have a gorgeous healthy baby and thats all that matters eh :-D Take care of yourself! x


PreciousBaby19 - November 5

i'm so happy for you. I hope you are doing well. come back and update soon. talk to you on msn!


Saturn - November 7

Hey Ezzie, I'm 30 weeks so not too far behind you, and I can definitely relate to the tiredness! I've been falling asleep at my desk at work every day for a couple of weeks now its awful!! I am going to be going on maternity leave soon as its getting a bit much. First I'm reducing the hours :-D Im not a teen anymore I'm 22 but I had my daughter at 16 so I can relate xx


lastchance - December 14

Whats going on? really wanted the update on this one.... Shouldn't there be a baby by now??


PreciousBaby19 - December 14

she obviously has been away.....busy with the newborn maybe.



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