34 Weeks Appt Today

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newbaby2009 - January 8

Appt. went really well. I seen a doctor ive havnt seen before and he was wonderful! He explained EVERYTHING to us and went over ultrasound reports that my other doctor didnt. Turns out my last ultrasound showed i was due Feb. 23rd and they were going by Feb. 12th as my due date so thats why she was measuring small. Also i have low fluids so they're keeping an eye on that. So that puts me back to 34 weeks 1 day. Which works better with our Florida plans. Not that it matters. She'll come when she wants to come. Estimated weight 4 lbs 13 oz today. Couldnt confirm s_x because of her position. We didnt even get to see her face =( Heartrate 154. I go back in 2 weeks.


amanda17 - January 8

Why are your appointments so far apart? By the time I was 35 weeks I was going to a routine fluids check twice a week and I didn't even have low fluids! Anyway I'm glad things are going well! I'm anxious to see if she turns out to be a boy haha. Are you buying all unis_x clothes just incase?


lunamoo - January 9

Why on earth would a doctor change a due date based on an u/s at 34 weeks!?!?!?!?! Hmmmm I would get that checked out


newbaby2009 - January 9

He didnt change my due date based on my ultrasound yesterday. He changed it based on the ultrasound i had done at 6 weeks, which showed a due date of Feb. 18. The most accurate ultrasounds for dating are the early early ones. I said i had a doctor i havnt seen before. I knew i wasnt due until a week later anyway because of certain circ_mstances. Amanda- here they dont do rountine fluid checks unless there is a reason to. You go once a month until 27/28 weeks. Then you go back in 3 weeks, then two weeks until you're 36 weeks, then every week until delivery. There are only 3 rountine ultrasounds done throughout the 40 weeks. Ive had 6. My 1st was to date the pregnancy at 6 weeks. Then around 12 weeks i went to have 1st trimester screening done but the tech said i wasnt far enough along and i had to go back a week later. Got to see the baby and pics both times though. I dont know why they didnt start going by Feb. 18 as my due date then since 2 different techs dated me being a week behind. I has the anatomy ultrasound at 20 weeks, and an ultrasound at 31 weeks. Then the one i had yesterday. My fliuds looked okay yesterday so i dont have another ultrasound scheduled as of now. Sometimes they do one at 38 weeks to check the babys size. No ive actually been buying pink. They were right with Rylie and so far there has been no signs of daddys condition. Though the second crib set we bought is unis_x. Its Mickey Mouse. We got that one for Rylie and was going to use Rylies Carebears for the new baby because i love that nursery theme and Rylies got like no use.


durante baby - January 9

aww glad to hear everything went well, and man the baby has one of those heart rates that make it hard to guess the s_x....Id guess boy by the heart rate but i would have to guess girl because they are having such a hard time seeing anything


amanda17 - January 9

I was in the same position as you, Ellie was measuring small and they had me in twice a week for fluid checks and NST. It checked out fine every time but they still had me in... I dunno, maybe my doctor is more paranoid than yours haha.


durante baby - January 9

i wanna girl :' (


newbaby2009 - January 9

Aw DB, i really hope you get your girl! I wana boy!! My doc said normal heartrange is 130-160 so shes in girl range for sure. (Though it can be as low as 110 or as high as 180 and still be considered normal) Hers changes alot. When my doc timed it it was 148 and during my ultrasound it was 154. This is the only ultrasound they couldnt do a s_x confirmation. They said girl at 20 and 31 weeks. Shes actually not measuring small now that we got the due date stuff straigtened out. She measured so much smaller then Rylie because i wasnt as far along during the ultrasound as i was with Rylie. Sounds so weird to be so miserable but still want to go at least 39 weeks!


AddyAndVictoriasMommy - January 9

That's really good, congrats! :)


angelmonkey - January 9

i dotn think they do any routine fluid checks here......and you only get 2 scans one at 12 weeks (dating scan) and at 20 weeks...........i have one at 37 weeks which will take me to 6 scans......can they check fluid levels at ultrasounds? my brothers gf just had a baby and she didnt have any waters and told her they must of broken in the bath even though she went in to be induced as she was 42 weeks so wasnt even in labour while she had a bath.......i think they should check here atleats towards to end..............like we,ve said before it doesnt reallyu matter what due date you have as they never come on time loljust have a due month glad everything is looking ok


newbaby2009 - January 9

Yes, fluid levels are checked through ultrasound.


Teddyfinch - January 10

i'd guess girl by the heartrate. my cutie's was 156 the whole time.



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