42 Percent Pregnant

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summer - September 1

my doctor just told me that i was 42 percent pregnant. how is this so.


Shorty - September 1

42% pregnant??? I think it basically means that your doctor does not have a clue... you are either pregnant or you are not. Maybe you are too early to tell if you are or not... but that is a weird thing to tell you.


Eva - September 1

What he probably meant by 42% is that your HCG level is not at a high level yet which means your pregnancy is very early. Your HCG level (this is detected through a blood test) is supposed to double every 48-72 hours as your pregnancy progresses and your progesterone level also rises. If your HCG and progesterone levels actually start to decrease you doctor would then tell you that you are losing the baby (miscarrying). Doctors can tell this even if you have not started bleeding because of what your HCG & progesterone levels are doing. Note-- I know this about the miscarriage b/c it happened to me a few years ago. Anyway, basically you HCG levels need to go up for it to be a viable pregnancy. /////////////// Sorry, Shorty but I think this one is above your head. Not to be nasty.


Erin - September 1

I think you might have misunderstood. I agree w/Eva. I think the doctor meant your levels are just low because it is early into your pregnancy. The doctor probably said you are 45% into your pregnancy. You think?


Danielle - September 1

Shorty you don't know what you are talking about here. Leave it to the woman.


Catherine - September 1

The doctor meant you are pregnant but not very far along. The doctor did a blood test correct? If so, that means the pregnancy hormone is still at a low level.


Sara - September 1

You are pregnant but not far along.


Carrie Ann - September 1

Yes you're pregnant!


Bee - September 1

You are just not far along but you are pregnant. Consider having someone go with you to your next appointment. Two sets of ears are better than one. Good luck, honey.


??? - September 1

You are going to have half a baby.


Kayla - September 1

???-- You are so stupid and your comments are not necessary since you are not even trying to help.


Tori - September 1

The info. from Eva is right on. You are pregnant. Be sure to start a prenatal vitamin.


Shorty - September 1

What I am saying is that it is a weird thing to tell someone without informing them what 42% pregnant actually means, and YES I am stumped... but I am not going to let little narky comments stop me from continually educating myself.


Jean - September 1

Honey you are pregnant. Your HCG level is probably equivelant to 42% and that % will increase as your pregnancy progresses. The doctor should have told you in level total instead on %. Ask some questions next time, hun. Good luck.



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