4 Days Help Plz

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taye - November 14

about a month ago me and my now ex bf had s_x, we used a condom and the withdrawl deal and what not. a week later i got my period and everything was well. now i am 4 days late for my next period. but im not showing any signs or anything like that. could i b pregnant?


taye - November 14

someone plz answer me i really need help if i am my mom will murder me my life would b over


$weetne$$ - November 14

i dont think you are pregnant...as u were using a condom and ur first period did come....i think the reason y ur second period is late is because u are stressed....try not to worry, give it some time...but i really dont think you are pregnant....give ur period another week or 2 and if it still doesnt come take a pregnancy test or go doctors to find out whats going on ;o)


taye - November 14

thanx. i really think it is stress cuz we broke up i havent went a night without crying and just a lot of other things have happened. but the thing is i dont really have a way of getting any test cuz i live in the middle of nowhere and dont have a liscence or anyone that could give me a ride. i cant ask my mom she would kill me so i wait for the best i spose..


taye - November 14

if anyone else has anything to say plz do. im really impatient i need help.


V - November 16

seems to me that your chances of being pregnant are very very slim...there are tons of women whose periods change alot.so don't worry...and yes stress can be a major factor in not having your period.Best wishes to you


T - November 16

Taye - I've just read what you said. Using condoms and "what-not" is a good thing but you've also said you used the withdrawal method. This is what caught my attention. Guys produce pre-c_m all the time. They produce it that often they dont even know their having it. Pre-c_m contains sperm. If your having s_x with a guy without protection then you can bet he pre-c_med even if he didn't ejaculate into you. You can become pregnant from pre-c_m. It contains sperm. So sweetheart I would do a pregnancy test. You can do one now since your 4 days (probably more now) late. Stress can make you late yes but since you used the withdrawal method then do a pregnancy test. Take Care and let us know how you get on!! :o)


taye - November 16

T- but since i used a condom doesnt that mean that the pre c_m couldnt get me anways... like we only did it once and that time we did use a condom. we never did unprotected


heather - November 17

Give it time hun thats all you can do.


T - November 17

Taye - If you used a condom then you should be fine. It's unlikely you are pregnant hun and its probably stress which has made your period late. Try not to worry. But what did you mean about the withdrawal deal? Thats when you dont use a condom at all and the guy pulls out before he c_ms. If this happened also then you should do a test. :o)


taye - November 17

no then we didnt do that. like we did but it was just like an extra precautionary step we took cuz we wanted the smallest possible chance of anything happening. but its still nothing and its 6 days now. i donno cuz that was more than a month ago now and im not showing any signs. but im trying really hard to just forget bout everything that is stressing me


T - November 17

I understand what you mean hun. Theres a very very slim chance you may be pregnant. But thats only if the condom ripped. If you dont think this happened then you should be okay hun. Its likely stress and worrying about being pregnant has made you late. But there is only one way to find out. Do a pregnancy test hun. It will clear your mind and once you are rea__sured you aren't pregnant, hopefully your period will start in a few days. Sometimes no amount of rea__surance will ease your mind. Once the doubt is put there its hard to get rid of. So do a pregnancy test and once you see the rea__suring result, you should be okay and your period will be back to normal soon. However, if the small chance that it comes out positive you will need to contact your doctor.


taye - November 17

how would i no if the condom ripped? and the only thing with that is it is kind of hard for me to get something like that bcuz as i said b4, i live out in the middle of no where. i have no real way of getting something like that


T - November 19

Taye - It the condom ripped you may find you have sperm inside of you or you will notice there's hardly any sperm or none at all in the condom. Or sometimes you never notice at all hun. Do you mean how will you buy a pregnancy test since you live miles out? That can be difficult. You could go to Ebay and buy a pregnancy test off there which will be delivered to your door through the post. This may be a good idea if you want to be discreet and noone will read your mail. Or you could go to your doctor and have a blood test. I dont know how you'll get there though if you live far away. You may have to find a way. I'm not sure. But give Ebay a try. Heres the address: www.ebay.com or www.ebay.co.uk if your from the UK.


E - November 19

T - I bought all of my pregnancy tests as well as ovulation kits on eBay for 3/4 the store prices. I agree that it is a great venue for those items. Keywords are Clearblue, EPT, Fact Plus. Make sure the description states they are sealed and unexpired.


T - November 19

Taye - See hun. Ebay is the better option. It will save you tramping through town and raiding the drugstores. And its discreet. The only problem is you have to wait a few days for the test to reach you. A few extra days may make the test more accurate. So its good hun. Try Ebay. E - I think Ebay is good too. I''m going to buy a test off there myself tonight. :o)


taye - November 19

well thanx for everyones help but i got my period so i was just late i didnt get the time to get a test lol. and me and my bf are back together! everything had a happy ending thanx everyone



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