5 Days After Period Please Help Me

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Sarina - August 24

My boyfriend and I had intercourse 5 days after my period finished... Heres the complication: My first period came regulary on the 26th of each month BUT soon it came [for some weeks] on the 12th of each month. Now it is the 23rd and I still haven't got my period. My br___ts are tender but no signs of other symptoms... Does this mean I am pregnant? Should I wait till the 26th before making any conclusions as to get a test or not? Oh...and I felt my va___a n felt some white discharge on it... my boyfriend says I smell as if I will get my period soon... does this mean I could be pregnant... please reply!!


Sarina - August 23

We did have s_x two times after that but those times I had taken the Morning After Pill. I am 17 this year. =(


jessica - August 23

u should take a HPT as soon as notice u have missed your period. its best to buy a test that has two in it. if it comes back negative you can wait a week or so and take another one. hope this helps!


Shorty - August 23

I know the first 2 weeks of yuor cycle you are less likley to fall pregnant. Are your periods usually regular?? You do realise that there is usually a white/clear discharge that comes out of the v____a throughout your cycle, it just thickens depending whereabouts in your cycle you are. Breasts can usually get tender before you get your period, so I would not look into that for pregnancy signs. If you want to put your mind at ease, I would get a test, just to make sure, but considering you have had your period since you had s_x, you are pretty much in the clear. Plus when you have s_x, it can kinda muck things up up there.... so dont panic!! PLUS if you have taken the morning after pill it can cause irregular bleeding for a while.....but try not to continually use the morning after pill as a form of contraception, as it is quite a high dose of hormones, and it may muck around with your body if you use it too much.. just get on the pill and use a condom.


Sarina - August 24

Thank you very much for your advice... I will wait until 26th before making any conclusions. I have been abit moody lately... hopefully it is a sign of my period! lol! I will post again...whether or not I am positive on the test...



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