5 Weeks Pregnant Help

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sarahnoelle6824 - October 18

So I just found out that i am 5 weeks pregnant.. and I'm only 15 i will turn 16 in december. my boyfriend is 16 turning 17 in december. I had a miscarriage back in February. I know i am young, but i need to know some pains i might have right now. because i am cramping , do you think i will beable to handle all of this in the end.. my parents are suporting me, and so is my boyfriend. Thanks


LoveMyAngel - October 18

If you are having cramps you should probably contact a doctor (which is what you need to do anyways.) And if they are accompanied by bleeding, you need to get in immediately.


tish212 - October 18

lovemyangel- I am glad to see u r not being hateful on this post...its refreshing to see u offer help. sarah- I would tend to have to agree...get to ur dr...only ur dr can tell u what's truly going on.


wyssa - October 18

sarah, Hey im young as well so I can relate with the whole boyfriend and faimly supporting things. You should tell your doctor about them when u can. I on the other hand had and still have the most severe cramps I think I have ever had in my life. I told my doc and he was a fruit cake and told me not to worry so I switched doctors, well in the process of switching I started bleeding a little definetly blood, red as can be. It was a little but enough to go to the ER. When i got their they did a whole bunch of tests and it turn out im RH- and the baby and the babys dad is RH+. All I had to get was a shot and I have never had any bleeding sence. Im 13 weeks exact today and I still get those bad cramps my doc now said not to worry, so I dont. I dont think the cramps were from bein RH- they may have been but I dont know. They may be from my uterus strethching so that can be the same case for you. I wish you luck and hope cramps stop, i know how uncomfortable they are. good luck and i hope u have a healthy baby


LoveMyAngel - October 18

I just don't like Anon because she cheated. Doesn't mean I am not nice. I am just not going to be nice to HER. But anyways, I had cramps with my daughter, and bleeding, but all turned out fine. You really do need to talk to a doctor. It could mean anything from implantation to miscarriage, to problems. You need to go!


sarahnoelle6824 - October 18

soo what about the shot?? what kinda shot is it and what does it do? Whats it for. Thanks for no remarks about me being too young.. i don't feel like hearing that stuff. i know i am. How old are you?


ChattyKathy - October 18

Cramping is normal during pregnancy. The rule is, cramping is normal and spotting is normal as long as they don't happen at the same time. Good luck.



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