6 Months Pregnant Today

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newbaby2009 - October 23

Yay!! Haha. Im torn between wanting this pregnancy to go by fast and wanting it to slow down. I am so so excited to meet and hold this baby. But i also know what comes with it! Also i want to really enjoy these last 3 months with Rylie being an only child. I want ti make sure she feels as loved as she possibly can. Because of course this baby is going to take a lot of attention away from her. Its almost making me cry just thinking about her feeling left out or nt as loved =(


durante baby - October 23

aww. I was horrified that dante would feel neglected. ispent all my free time on here and everywhere else on the internet trying to find ways to get him ready for the new arrival. I am telling you it helped so much< he has never gone through a jealous fase, just jealous moments, let her help fix up the babies room, take her to dr appt with you. when you talk about the baby involve her in the conversation, ask her to touch thte baby and kiss you belly (baby) all the time< when you do belly photos do some with her in them. i know i dont know it all but i do have to say i pride myself alot with the work i did to make dante comfortable with zaidens arrival> we were going to let dante be there for the delivery but knowing there were high chances of a c section we decided we didnt want to scare him with it, so we talked to him alot about how he was going to stay with his aunt,uncle and cousins while i had the baby. when we were dropping him off at their house when it was baby time. I broke the law and let him ride up in front with us so he could feel my belly contrcting then the baby going nuts and moving around after each contraction, everytime the baby moved i told him, that the baby said it was time to come out. he loved the attention he got being so involved and getting to do things he normally wasnt allowed to do like riding in the front seat. he was two and a half when i had zaiden and you think they dont understand alot of it but they do. when we dropped him off he gave me a kiss and a hug said "I love you mommy" then he gave my belly a kiss and said "i love you zaiden be careful" he kept on say the baby give you big owies! when he came to the hospital to meet his new brother his eyes just lit up like a gift had finally been unwrapped. then i was worried about how he would be when we came home..well if you look at my myspace pics in the album of when we had him the you will see the pic...the very first thing he id when we got him out of the carseat was give zaiden a kiss and said he loved him and then tried to feed him his bottle and ended up actually drowning him in it....lol I dont think zaiden holds grudges against him for it>thehehe. but still to this day dante is always looking out for his brother and loves him more then i could have ever hoped for> they get along so great together...man I have a tear : ' )............i know i just told a life story but once i get going about my kids i just cant stop....sorry lol


AddysMummy - October 23

I am going through the EXACT same thing. I am so worried about what i'm going to do with Addy because I feel like she's going to get upset, or something.. because I'm going to have to give Victoria a lot of attention! I just don't know what I'm going to do. Going to worry about how Addy feels :(


amanda17 - October 23

Congratulations on making the six month mark Newbaby! If it makes anyone feel any better, my mom never did anything to bond my sister to me while she was pregnant, and when I came out my sister just instantly loved me. She kinda thought I was a baby doll though. She'd dress me up in her doll's clothes and when I was older she'd put globs make-up on me. I mean we aren't close at all now, because of her drinking problem, but... Yeah we were really close as children with no help from my mom. I asked her and she said it didn't even cross her mind.


durante baby - October 23

be safe over the weekend and have a good trip : )



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