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KC - April 16

I'm 16 and I just found out i'm pregnant.I have not told my parnets or boyfriend yet.I'm scared that my parnets will flip and my boyfriend will leave me.what do I do?


To KC - April 16

If he leaves you he obviously isn't the right guy for you. Just start out with that you've missed ur period and u think you're preggo or even start out by asking about your guys' future together... good luck.


Amanda - April 16

Hi there. Hang in there. My brother and his girl had a baby at 14 and 15. what you need to do is just tell them. Because you will need there support raising a child at that age is very hard. You can email me at any time and talk [email protected] dont hesitate.


katie - April 17

yea amanda is rite hang in there im 14 and im 32wks pregnant...but u gotta tell them all soon...i left clues in my room and then my mom asked and we talked for a while and as for my bf he is gr8 and is still wit me =) i really thought he wud leave but he hasnt and is bein a gr8 support but u will b ok and when u tell ur parents they will act weird but they will come round once they come to terms with things and realize tht they need to support u gd luck xxx katie


KC (Casey) - April 17

Thanks you guys for helping me.I told my boyfriend and he took it better than I ever imagened he would :) but my pernts are very disaponted in me.


katie - April 17

well im glad ur bf took it ok...and as for ur parents they will come round so how far along do u think u r then??


KC (Casey) - April 17

i'm glad to my bf took it ok and i hope my parnts come around soon cuz i do not like the way thangs are right now. um..I am 6 weeks pregnat


katie - April 17

they will dont worry its just the shock i promise they will come round =) take care xxx katie


gray - April 21

1st of all. What are doing sleeping with someone that you feel would do that to you. If you tell him and he does not stand by your side, that should be a sign not to waste your time with him anymore. Your parents will probably be mad at first, but will be understanding eventually. I know how hard it can be I have been there. Do you know what you want to do?? Abortion or keep it


KC (Casey) - April 21

the only reson I felt he would leave was becuse my friends put that idea in me head and yeah I know my parnts are going to be mad at first but i thank thay are comeing around and I am keeping the baby



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