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Advice Girl - December 11

-Hello Everyone- -i'm kc and i'm in love with this really really amazing guy named Billy. We have been together for 6 wonderful years. well i guess i should really start at the beginning. -6 years ago.....I just started 7th grade. I had one of my friends Kalli introduce me to Billy who was in 8th grade. After i met him she asked me if i liked him. I instantly without hesitation told her he was cute. this was December 20th, the next day we just happened to have lunch detention together and i passed him a note asking him if he wanted to date me. Just before 5th period he came to my locker said yes gave me a smile and walked away. And we have been together ever since. -We were high school sweet hearts and too a point we still are because i'm in my last year at Frazee High. -It took us 4 years to have our first kiss. It also took me 6 years to have the guts to give it up to him. Now that i have it's a whole other ball park. We have gotten so close because we were to be expecting. Most teens would be fighting over what to do, how to tell their parents, and how they were going to support the child. Me and Billy we were fighting over baby names. -We are so so so so so ready to be parents. He even started shaping up, he quit drinking, he's slowly quiting smoking. I'm so proud of him he doesn't even realize it. I have been really shapping up. I quit drinking and smoking myself for good. It's such a horrible habit to have and we both know that and thats why we are quiting for our baby. -When ever we are together we talk about the baby, and how our future is going to be. We both are tremendously excited to be having a baby. It will be even better if we were to have a Boy!!!!! What can i say 'I Love Boys' lol. We have a name picked out for both s_x's and I'm so ready for a baby. I've wanted a baby ever since i was 15, i was 13 when i met billy so that means 2 years after we were together i knew we were going to have a family. -We are engaged as of August 15th, 2009. i'm so happy and excited for our wedding i got everything picked out and everything. Now its just to get everything rolling. - i have no ideas wut so ever on how to tell him if its a boy and i want to be creative ANY IDEAS?????? loves Adivce Girl



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