9yrs And Pregnant

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baby dollie - March 23

im 9yrs old and pregnant how do i tell my parents...


Noel - March 23

When did you start puberty and why are you having s_x so early Im 15 and having s_x so I really cant talk but 9 thats hella young. You have no business having s_x. What age did you lose you virginity? me 15


Noel - March 23

I really dont know. I think that you should have some one else tell them or you could just go tell which ever parent is easyer on you or that you get along with more. Other than that I really dont know. Just tell them Mom Dad im pregnant.


maya - March 23

i think this is fake. 9. ur parents must don't communitcate with u. i'm 11, reached puberty and knows not 2 have s_x. i'm waiting unitl i'm 16 or 17. if this is real take a freaking test or go 2 the doctors 4 help. do u have an older sister


redeem - March 23

AAAAAHHHHHHHCCCCHHHHOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!! Damn allergies to fish stories are acting up again.


ANSWER - March 23

I think this is fake... I am not trying to be mean or anything. But, in REAL LIFE can a girl get preggo at 9 ???? Can someone answer?


st p - March 24

how olds the father


st p - March 24

how old's the the father? is he 9 to?


What the??? - March 24

I highly doubt a little 9 year old girl could get pregnant, start her period....possible....get pregnant??? Highly unlikely.... This thing is got to be fake! To the "9" year old whom started this...go back to 3rd grade!


katie - March 24

im sorry to baby dollie but i really dnt believe u...but if it is true u hav to tell them


Velma - March 24

You wouldn't have to worry about the best way to tell your parents if you weren't having s_x in the first place!!! How old is the father and when did you lose your virginity? I'm still a virgin!!


Jess lynn - March 28

I got my first period at 9... didnt have s_x then thought... having my first now at 18 with my hubby :)


Lorah - March 29

guys camon be nice, I kno sum gurls that get there period at age 8 even! maybe sum guy raped her, before you judge think guys.


Nile - female - March 29

if i were you i would buy a pregnant test { i know u are pregnant but trust me on this!} wee on it and the 2 blue line come up start sreaming and ur ma and da will bust the door and show the stick and there you go!! but how did mang to get preg so yong!!!!!!!!!!!!


Nicole - March 29

Girl you are young but you better at least try to give her hints or ask the boy parents to come and help you tell your parents


Michelle - March 30

I don't believe this story either. Well, that's life for ya... people just like the attention. Anyway, if it is true that you are in fact pregnant, there's nothing you can say to convince us. Well good luck in your made-up future.


Robin - March 30

Maya - you say you're going to wait until you're 16 or 17...wait till you're married, girl! 16 or 17 is still way too young!!



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